What to Wear During Yoga Class in 2023

What to Wear During Yoga Class 

So, you’ve signed up for your first yoga class and you’re wondering what to wear. The short answer is to wear something comfortable that allows you to move freely, bend, and stretch without feeling like your clothes will pop a seam. The reality though is that you will be more comfortable wearing some styles over others and this will allow you to enjoy the class more and really reap the benefits of your practice.

The following paragraphs are some suggestions for what to wear to a yoga class to help it be most enjoyable and productive. Namaste.


Leggings or yoga pants – Yoga Class Dressing

While some people may wear athletic pants in class, many women choose leggings for their fit and comfort during poses and movement. Because leggings are so popular, you may already have some, but if you’re in need, check out the High Rise Yoga Pants from Lingswallow.

The high-rise style ensures your belly is covered. These stay in place with a supportive waistband that doesn’t cut in, but also doesn’t roll or fall down after a lot of movement, which can be very annoying if you are constantly having to pull up your pants during class. This style is made from Lingswallow fabric, which is very soft and provides just the right amount of support to feel like you are being held in all the right places.

The fabric is breathable, quick-drying, and wicks away sweat, something you will appreciate when you’re working up a sweat in class. They come in three inseam lengths to fit all heights and the length is just above the ankle for a comfortable feel during movement. They are machine washable and dryable, although you may want to line dry these.


Sports Bra

This workout requires a lot of movement of the arms. You will be raising them above your head, extending them out and to your sides, and twisting them around your legs and body. That means you want a bra that not only provides support and coverage for the girls, but you need one that stays in place. The worst feeling is a bra that scooches up or rolls, making you have to adjust during class.

You also want to make sure you are wearing the correct size that doesn’t cut into your sides so that you are comfortable. You also may find back fastenings uncomfortable when laying on the floor so look for a style without hooks.

The Racerback Sports Bra from FITTIN is on the pricier side, but it is a quality bra that you can wear and wash over and over again for years. It comes in B to D cup sizes, has removable cups, and is available in several color options. The style has a high neck, meaning you won’t be worrying about showing cleavage and will have the appropriate support for a workout class with movement.

The material is breathable, wicks sweat away, and stretches with your every movement while retaining its shape and not growing a size during your workout. Fabric care as it is machine washable, but you will want to line dry to preserve its life.


Yoga Tops – Yoga Class

You will find all sorts of tops worn in class and maybe even a t-shirt or two, but you want to be comfortable and confident during your practice so let’s make sure you have the right fitting top. You want something that doesn’t flop around so leave your boyfriend’s baggy t-shirt at home. While there are some workout tops with open backs and cut-outs, you may find that these fall over your shoulder and become an annoyance during class. Opt-in for a more fitted tank, slim fit dri-fit top, or the Women’s Workout Tank Top from icyzone.

If you are not too well-endowed, you will appreciate the dual function of a bra and a tank with this top and the bra cups are removable. If you are bustier, you will find confidence in pairing this tank with your sports bra for extra support. The fit is longer to keep you covered and has a high neckline to avoid the cleavage spill when bending over. The material is super soft, repels odor and moisture, and is designed to stay in place on all body types.

If you are someone who wants a little more air flow in your top, icyzone also offers the Sexy Yoga Top. It features a racerback fit for unrestrictive arm movements and a stylish tulip hem. The fabric has some stretch and wicks sweat away.


What to wear depends on the type of class

If this is a new exercise for you, then you are probably attending a Vinyasa class. You may hear it referred to as flow, dynamic, or vinyasa flow. It is characterized by doing one pose after another, or flowing, from one pose to the next in a type of routine.

Bikram includes not only poses to stretch and strengthen your muscles, but also turns up the heat during class. You’ll get a workout and sweat away the toxins in your body. Restorative is also very popular and includes simple poses using pillows and straps to stretch, increase flexibility, and relax. It is a very relaxing class and intended to heal the body. Some women enjoy a good restorative class after a more strenuous workout.

If you are in a Bikram class, you’ll want to wear breathable fabric that wicks away sweat. A Vinyasa class will make it even more important to wear leggings or bottoms that don’t roll and stay in place. A restorative class is more relaxing and slow so there may be less emphasis on these aspects, but certainly a heavy need for clothes that allow you to move and stretch.

Class is done barefoot, but you may want to consider socks to keep you from slipping. They include grippers on the bottom and can add a little confidence if you feel your balance is not quite where you’d like it to be. This toeless version is a good option and comes in so many colors. If you want your toes covered, this style may be more desirable. Both of these help with foot moisture and temperature to keep your feet comfortable during a workout.

Frequently asked questions


What to wear to a yoga class?

Don’t worry so much about making a fashion statement and focus on comfort and fit. Choose clothing that is appropriately sized and allows you to move, stretch, and bend without feeling the fabric roll, fall down, or cut into your skin. Make sure clothing is breathable and wicks away moisture, especially if you are taking a Bikram, or hot, class. In other words, you probably want to avoid sweatpants and cotton long-sleeve shirts.


Do you wear shoes or socks?

Most people will complete their practice barefoot, but you may want to choose socks with grippers to avoid slipping. There are options that are toeless and full footed so choose the style that works best for you.


What else should I take to class?

Unless your studio provides them, you will need a mat. You also will want to take a hand towel to wipe away sweat and a water bottle is a must. It is important to stay hydrated so drink plenty of water before, during, and after class.

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