The Keto Diet, Ketosis, and why People Love it

Does the Ketogenic Diet Work? A Few Quick Facts

Does the Keto Diet Work

Many people ask Does the Ketogenic Diet Work? At first, it seems like a senseless question to ask. After all, you are reading this article on a site about this very topic. But if you have not read the related articles and research, I suggest you do so now.

As I mentioned before, there is a common misconception that Ketosis, which is the state that occurs during an attempt to burn fat or to enter the state that occurs when the body breaks down fat stores for energy, is somehow unhealthy. However, the fact is that ketosis can be a healthy state when maintained properly.

By maintaining proper levels of Ketones in the body’s system, you are allowing your body to burn fat and break down muscle to provide energy. This process will maintain the body in the state that occurs when the body has little to no fat in it, and will make the body more resistant to diseases.

The keytones of Ketosis are: “Bioenergetic balance”Adaptive thermogenesis.” These are the two very important concepts when trying to understand how does the keto diet work? Your body is in a state called “adaptive thermogenesis,” which basically means that it uses what’s called a “feedback loop” to get fuel from food and from exercise. With this concept, your body is able to “adapt” to anything that you give it, even if it is not normal.

Let’s look at how your body takes in energy. There are different sources of energy. These include: carbohydrate stores (known as “glycogen”), fats, and protein. You’ll also find that a good portion of your body’s food energy is stored as “keytones.”

Ketosis | How it Burns Fat | Ketogenic Diet

When your body enters into a state called “ketosis,” your keytones will double in size to allow for the increase in fat burning that occurs in this state. The word “ketosis” is an acronym, which is comprised of the words “ketone”bioenergetic balance.” Remember, when it comes to metabolism, that what you eat can affect how your metabolism operates.

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What are ketones, if you do not know? Ketones are a natural byproduct of the breakdown of fat. It is a “byproduct” because it is actually derived from the breakdown of fat stores for energy.

Ketones are broken down by the body into molecules known as ketone bodies. These ketone bodies are then transported to cells for energy.

Does the Ketosis Diet Work? This is a good question, because the best way to answer this question is to look at how does the ketosis diet actually function?

To start, you will find that the ketone in your body is called Acetone, which is actually a “keytone” that is manufactured from the breakdown of fats and glycogen stores for energy. That is, how does the keto diet work? And what are keytones?

These keytones are actually organic compounds known as ketone bodies, and they are produced through the breakdown of fats and glycogen stores for energy. The primary function of these keytones is to act as a precursor to acetone, so that ketones are able to be used as a means of producing energy.

When your body enters into a state known as “ketosis,” ketones can double in size and are transported to cells for energy, which results in the loss of unwanted fat. This is a good question to ask; especially if you are trying to determine if a certain Ketogenic Diet is right for you.

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