How to Workout Safely

Introduction – How to Workout Safely

People often push themselves too far and risk injury because they don’t know How to Workout Safely. The notion that exercise must be really hard to be beneficial is very wrong. Moderation is the key to effective exercise. When exercising safely, start slowly and increase intensity, frequency, and duration. [2]

Additionally, if you have any health problems (ex. high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) contact your doctor before exercising aggressively. [1]


Use The Right EquipmentReplace your athletic shoes often. Wear comfortable clothing that fit loosely so that they can help release the body heat. When exercising in the colder months, wear removable layers. [6]

Warm Up –  Do this before stretching. Running in place is a popular option. Breathing slowly and deeply. Warming up increases blood flow rates and primes your body for the upcoming exercise. [4]

Stretch Your Muscles – Begin stretching slowly and carefully until you reach some tension. Hold each for 10 – 20 seconds, then release just as carefully and slowly. Inhale as you stretch and exhale as you release. Do each only once. Never stretch to where it becomes painful.

Don’t Rush It – When strength training, move the full range of motion with each of your repetitions. Breathe regularly to lower blood pressure and increase the supply to your brain. In the warmer months, be aware that heat exhaustion is a factor worth considering. The United States Department of Labor makes the following recommendation, “Heat illness can be prevented. Remember these three things: waterrest, and shade.” [3]

Drink Lots of Water – Drink water often to prevent dehydration. Drink one glass of water 15 minutes before you start your routine and one more after you stop. Also have a drink every 20 minutes during your exercise routine.

Stay Safe While Working Out In The Heat: [5]

Rest – Schedule days off regularly from exercising and rest when you get tired. If you are feeling fatigued and/or pain, stop immediately.

These are our top tips.

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