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Best Yoga Trapeze

For any yogi looking to take their skills up a notch, trapeze yoga can be an excellent option. The best part of this type of exercise is also an excellent way to relieve lower back pain as well as increase hand strength. Though you can always use inversion tables present, they are heavy and expensive. 

It is much better to buy a Yoga swing because it is easy to carry everywhere. It is also straightforward to set up at home, in the gym or even outdoors when the weather is good. Here are some of the best swings that we recommend:

Product Features: 

 Quality material: This swing is made of nylon; the same material parachutes are made, making it sturdy and lightweight. In addition, the swing can easily be washed in the washing machine. 

Safety tested: The product has been tested by third parties to ensure that the swing can support up to 600 lbs. The swing also includes gym grade carabiners and strong rubber handle grips. 

 A broader range of motion: Thanks to its multiple grip handles, the swing allows you to engage in not only left and right balancing exercise but also passive flexibility and pull motions as well. 

More value: Your purchase comes with the instructions on how to assemble the swing and safety precautions before using the swing. It also includes video tutorials and poses charts to guide you. 

Portable: the whole set can be stored in a compact bag that is easy to carry and set up anywhere, your home or gym. What’s more, the bag is very stylish thanks to its vibrant yet minimalistic design.


What reviewers had to say

What deal! This swing is the best of both worlds, and it is a really good deal and good quality. The swing itself is made of sturdy material that does provide support with a heavier person. If you want to do inversion therapy, you need a high ceiling.



Product Features:

All in one: In addition to the swing, you get all the mounting accessories needed. It includes eight screws to install the ceiling mounts, so you do not need to purchase the accessories separately. 

Assured quality: Not only does the seller provide lifetime support to the customer, but INTEY also includes a 24-month buyer assurance with the purchase with this set. 

Weight support: Thanks to its polyester taffeta and parachute material, the swing can bear 450 lb easily. 

Dual function: You can use the swing to work out as well as relax since this product includes extension straps that can be used to turn the yoga swing into a sturdy hammock. 

Guaranteed safety: The swing’s hooks are made of 4 different, which prevents them from snapping quickly. They are also durable, and yet, the swing is easy to assemble. 

Adjustable: The swing includes rings to increase or decrease the height of the swings as desired. The daisy straps’ length can also be adjusted as needed


What reviewers had to say:

The swing is very safe thanks to its locking carabiners. So, it is safe to use both indoors and outdoors as a wing and hammock. My younger daughter loves to use it as a swing in our backyard.



Product Features:

High-quality fabric: The silk nylon fabric allows the swing not to stretch too much, making it durable. However, the fabric’s material is soft and does not make one feel uncomfortable.  

Adjustable: The set includes 50-inch long extension straps to adapt to the height of a taller person. These straps come in their traveling bags.  

Guides for everyone: It includes an eBook with detailed instruction on how to mount the swing as well poses for both beginners and professionals. 

Easy to contact: Yoga4You has support available 24/7, they answer messages. They not only seek to provide you with the right product but also good customer support in case you face any problems. 


What reviews had to say: 

I have to say that the fabric does not cut into my skin when I work out even though it is strong! The plastic of the handles is sturdy. It is also safe for beginners to use; the guide included really helps orient yourself.  



Product Features:


Unique material: High strength parachute fabric was used to make the swing more durable. This product is available in seven colors.

Comfortable: The swing has a triple stitched seat giving you all the space you need. The handles are 25% larger and have thicker padding, making them more durable. 

Spacious: The swing seat is 250 cm (L) which makes it 8 inches longer than a regular swing. It is also 150 cm (W), making it 5 inches wider than other yoga swings. 

Free guide: This set includes a 23-page pdf for those who are just starting their aerial yoga journey. 

What reviewers had to say: 

People think that a small swing will help you fit it easily in a small space, but this swing is better because the handles and the seat are bigger. Personally, I can finally do a flying spider for a long period which I couldn’t do with my older yoga swing. I also really like that this supports my weight well (I am on the heavier side) 



Product Features:

Comfortable: The material is made from washable nylon which is flowy and silky, but the material is tough and does not stretch too easily. 

Safe: The product has been tested for safety by a third party, and can withstand 600 lbs. It also has tough rubber handles, so you do not slip. It has multiple straps to ensure 

Free tutorials: The box in which the product is delivered includes an envelope that provides access to practice tutorials, pose charts from professionals. There are even set up tutorials included. 

Easy set up: The daisy straps in the swing allow it to be hung from a tree, beam, chin-up bar or ceiling hooks. However, ceiling hooks and swing stand are not included with the swing.


What reviewers say: 

The seller was really helpful. They answered all of my questions, so the swing did not disappoint. Though it doesn’t really stretch and bounce, you can easily create a large range of motion which surprised me because I was not expecting that from a stronger material.

What is the best Ariel yoga hammock?

Our expert picks

  1. YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Pro
  2. INTEY Aerial Yoga Flying Yoga Swing
  3. Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Set
  4. UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set
  5. Yoga body Yoga Trapeze Pro

Is yoga trapeze a good workout?

Other than those advantages, Yoga Trapeze combines useful pulling and grip strength movements that impeccably supplement mat based yoga practice to make a full-body workout schedule. You’ll additionally improve adaptability, the core, chest area, and back strength.

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