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Best Yoga Straps

An often-underestimated accessory, a yoga strap can help you achieve a deep stretch without pulling muscles or injuring yourself. Helping you maintain a full range of motion, yoga strap stretches can help you do things you never thought you would, like to touch your toes comfortably. Providing something to hold onto without injuring your back, a yoga strap can be a great way to improve your yoga practice. Here are a few reviews to help you find the best yoga strap for yoga practice. 

Ethical and eco-conscious, the Carolina Morning yoga strap stretches is made with a soft and organic cotton canvas that features a D-ring closure. Ideal for sensitive skin, this durable yoga strap has a sleek texture and comes in two lengths. Providing maximum comfort, this yoga strap comes in ecological packaging and any leftover fabric is donated to an upcycling program.

The Carolina Morning Yoga Strap Stretches isn’t like any other yoga belt on the market. You will not experience any annoying friction or rough weaving, which is great for anyone that has issues with sensitive skin. This is a truly green product that is a great addition to your yoga accessories.

Made with unbleached natural cotton, the Manduka Align Yoga Strap measures 1 ¾-inches wide and is a hand wash only product. This durable yoga strap is made by an eco-conscious and ethical brand that uses non-AZO dyes. Featuring a buckle with a secure interlocking design, these yoga straps include a stiff and heavy webbing that will let you use this yoga strap for years.

Decorated with the words “Practice On”, the Manduka Align Yoga Strap comes in two lengths, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs. Wider than other yoga straps on the market, this strap gives you better traction, plus it will loop securely and safely, even when it’s under pressure.

Durable and sturdy, the Ananday Natural Cotton Alignment Strap is made with natural unbleached cotton by an eco-conscious and ethical brand. For every yoga strap that is sold, Ananday will plant one tree. Measuring six feet by 1 ½-inches wide, this green yoga strap is functional as well as sustainable.

Including a free e-book with direction on how to correctly use the strap, the Ananday Natural Cotton Alignment Strap provides 22 poses to try out using yoga blocks and the strap. This yoga strap is made in an eco-friendly and ethical way using biodegradable cotton that is free of toxins as well as metal D-rings that are recyclable.

Made from a mix of rubber and nylon, the Infinity Yoga Strap features a unique two-loop design and is a good choice for chest openers and inversions. With a slight stretch, the Infinity Yoga Strap measures 1 ½-inches wide and is available in three lengths and a variety of colors.

Compact and durable, the Infinity Yoga Strap uses a patented two-loop design that does not include hardware, which means you won’t have buckles that can hurt your feet or hands or disruptive noise when the yoga strap hits the floor. Easily transition from one pose to another without having to adjust the loop or strap length.

This is a versatile yoga strap that has a bit of stretch that helps with heart and shoulder openers as well as inversions. Made with a high resistance hybrid material, this strap will give you just a little give when needed.  

Supple and soft, the Yoga Design Lab Yoga Strap is made by an ethical brand that uses eco-friendly dyes that are water-based and won’t fade over time. This is a hand wash only product that uses non-fade and unique patterns. Measuring eight feet long and 1 ½-inches wide, you will love the colorful patterns that are available for this yoga strap.

Unlike other yoga straps, the Yoga Design Lab Yoga Strap will not need to be broken in. it is designed so it won’t slip or slide around your foot and is suited for most people that practice yoga. This is a flexible strap that works well for anyone that is shorter than six feet.

Featuring a metal D-ring closure, the Clever Yoga Yoga Strap measures 1 ½-inches wide and is made by a female-owned business. Made out of cotton, this durable and sturdy yoga strap is available in two lengths and a variety of colors, so you will definitely be able to find something that fits your height and your style.

While the material may seem stiff at first, it will soften after a couple of washes. Plus, cleaning is easy. Just toss it in the washing machine and then air dry. The Clever Yoga Yoga Strap is functional and affordable with exceptional customer service and a lifetime guarantee.

Made with 100 percent cotton, the Hugger Mugger Quick-Release Strap measures ten feet long and features a quick-release closure. Equipped with 500 pounds of tensile strength webbing, this yoga strap is durable, quiet, and lightweight. Perfect for taller individuals, this yoga strap is also a good choice for anyone that prefers to have a little more length on their yoga strap as they practice.

With the quick-release closure, you have a buckle that isn’t a cinch buckle or uses D-rings. The Hugger Mugger buckles are made of plastic, so you won’t have to deal with annoying noises when it hits the floor. This yoga strap is made by a reputable brand that makes good-quality yoga accessories, so you can be assured it will handle pressure and stand up to day to day wear.

Featuring a 10-loop design and no hardware, the Original Stretch Out Strap is made out of nylon and measures over six-feet long and one-inch wide. This yoga strap is great when you want to track your flexibility progress.  

Perfect for taller individuals, the Original Stretch Out Strap doesn’t require dealing with a closure system or buckles during class but gives you more control overstretching. Plus, it even includes a free exercise book that lists almost 30 exercises that will help you to release tension and improve your flexibility. 

Available in a wide range of colors, the YogaAccessories Yoga Strap is made of cotton and measures eight feet long and 1 ½-inches wide. Featuring a cinch buckle closure made of plastic, this yoga strap is less clunky than a typical D-ring closure. Perfect for tall and short yogis, this yoga strap uses thin cotton, so it is gentle and soft on your feet and hands.

Perfect for beginners, this is an affordable yoga strap that will still give you the durability and strength you need in yoga practice. Plus, thanks to the plastic buckle, the YogaAccessories Yoga Strap is quiet and lightweight, so it won’t distract you during practice.

Durable and multifunctional, the Clever Yoga Yoga Mat Strap Sling is made of cotton and available in two lengths as well as a variety of colors. Measuring 1 ½-inches, this yoga strap is made by a female-owned business and is designed to double as a yoga strap and a way to secure your mat as you go to the yoga studio. Featuring two loops, this yoga strap can be expanded as wide as you need.

Fitting towels and extra-thick yoga mats, the Clever Yoga Yoga Mat Strap Sling is made of durable cotton that is sturdy and can take on wear and tear from daily use. This single strap design is sewn and then folded into loops, so it can twist a bit. This yoga strap offers a minimalist solution to carrying all your various yoga accessories.

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