best yoga mats

Best Yoga Mats

Practiced inside and out, yoga can be performed in diverse environments. Best yoga mats are important accessory for anyone that practices yoga helping to provide stability, traction, and cushioning through each pose. Having the right mat for the type of yoga you practice can be invaluable keeping your body from becoming injured and to prevent any loss of heat from your body to the ground.

Typically, a yoga mat is made of rubber or breathable soft cotton. The main idea behind using a mat is to keep your body from touching the ground. Available in different materials, colors, and foams, a yoga mat is also an expression of your style and preferences when it comes to practicing yoga.

For example, when practicing asanas, a cotton or fabricated mat can help prevent your hands and feet from slipping. These mats are also referred to as sticky, non-skid, or non-slip mats. A cotton mat can come in a variety of colors and often comes with a lightweight carrying bag.

As you practice yoga positions, you stretch your body in different ways and angles. Your body can often slip as a result and certain surfaces can cause your body to become fatigued or to cramp if it slips in an undesired direction. 

Having a yoga mat allows you to hold strong in your pose thanks to the mat’s anti-slipping feature. Plus, it gives you a type of insulation between the ground and your body to stop the loss of energy, heat, or charge from your body to the ground and provides a form of thermo-insulation. It is also important to find a mat that is breathable and can absorb sweat. 

Considered a very physical form of exercise, yoga uses breathing techniques to relax your body and allow you to find your center. As you practice your breathing techniques along with yoga, you will feel a rise in your energy level and the metabolic activities inside your body just as you do in any other type of exercise, which results in generating heat and other types of energy in your body. If you don’t have a yoga mat there to separate your body from the ground, all the energy you have generated will wash down to the earth in a ground effect.

Yoga mats are also useful for their flexibility, softness, and rigidity. They are also super affordable and portable since you can easily roll them up and carry them with you. Look for a yoga mat that comes with a handy carrying bag or carrying strap to make them even more portable and easy to store.

This slip-free yoga mat is ten inches long and two inches wider than a standard yoga mat. Created by yogis, the Gaiam Performance Dry-Grip Yoga Mat wicks away moisture and provides a better grip when it gets hot. Made with rubber-free construction, this is a good choice if you have any latex sensitivities.

Free of the six most harmful phthalates, the Gaiam Performance Dry-Grip Yoga Mat is perfect for hot yoga or for studio and home use. Measuring 5 mm thick, this yoga mat uses premium cushioning in its thoughtful design. Durable and lightweight, this yoga mat was created to inspire mindful movement and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Comfortable and thick, the Manduka PRO is durable and stable. This is a great choice for gentle yoga classes where some added padding is appreciated and you don’t need the best traction. Measuring 6 mm thick, this yoga mat is made of comfortable PVC and is one of the most durable mats on the market. This means that it will last longer than even a durable rubber yoga mat.

The Manduka PRO is a great choice for gentle yoga classes where traction isn’t important. It is ideal for any yoga class where you spend a lot of time lying or sitting on your yoga mat and need a little more cushioning for protruding joints or bones.

Made with a polymer environmental resin, the Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat has a microfiber towel bonded to the bottom of the mat. This allows you to wash the mat after every use to keep it smelling clean each time you use it. Weighing only two pounds eleven ounces, this yoga mat offers great traction when it’s wet, and it’s easy to take care of when you do hot yoga.

This is a great choice for anyone that hates having a towel that gets bunched up on their mat. The Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat is a good value for a durable and well-made yoga mat that will last you through a lot of classes. With this innovative hybrid mat, you get better friction than with regular towels, plus you won’t have to bother with it as you practice.

Equipped with a carrying strap, the BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga mat is designed with non-slip surfaces on each side. This is a premium exercise mat that has an excellent slip resistant advantage that helps to prevent injuries. With its exceptional resilience, you can keep your balance during any type of exercise style.

This is an easy to wash mat thanks to its moisture-resistant technology while it’s lightweight and easy strapping features make it easy to store and transport. Ensuring comfort for people of any size and shape, the BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Yoga Mat is ¼-inch thick to help cushion your elbows, knees, hips, and spine and uses a high-density foam material.

Made with natural rubber, the Hugger Mugger Para Rubber XL Yoga Mat is durable and long-lasting. This is an extra-large mat that comes with a non-slip and natural surface that gives you a connected feeling during your practice. It is also extra wide with each side giving you a different grip texture making it a great choice for any yoga practice.

This high-performing and versatile mat measures 78 x 28-inches. The Hugger Mugger Para Rubber XL Yoga Mat is ¼-inch thick offering excellent shock absorption and cushioning. This yoga mat is made with renewable materials that are sustainable and natural and create an excellent yoga mat you will use for many years.

Featuring a great grip and cool colors, the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is super comfortable and constructed out of sustainable materials. Made with natural rubber, this yoga mat gives you a better grip and more cushion than synthetic rubber yoga mats allowing you to hold your pose better. This is a great choice for standing poses thanks to its stability, traction, and cushioning and really for any activity or yoga level.

Designed using high-quality materials, the Jade Harmony Yoga Mat is a long-lasting product that provides incredible performance. Measuring 3/16-inches thick, this yoga mat is versatile and can be used for a range of activities and occasions.

This extra-thick yoga mat gives you a non-slip and stable surface for yoga practice. The Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat is lightweight and durable, plus it features extra-thick cushioning to protect your joints doing your routine. Ideal for studio or home use, this mat helps to ensure the comfort and safety you need to improve your alignment and help you to maintain poses.

Free of phthalates, the Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat is equipped with a sticky non-slip texture that gives you incredible traction and a super grip. With its stylish design, you feel free to express your style as you work out. It also comes with a free downloadable yoga workout that gives you a free yoga class.

A yoga mat is a necessity when you practice yoga. It not only helps to cushion your body when you are sitting and kneeling on the ground, but it also helps to stabilize and support the poses you are going through. Make sure you choose your yoga mat based on the type of yoga and poses you are practicing. 

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