Best Yoga Blocks of 2019

Foam yoga block

The Best Yoga Blocks Of 2019


This guide will help you find the best yoga blocks for you regardless of whether you are a beginner and need stability or trying more complex poses.The blocks here are versatile and will be perfect for any kind of user.  We have listed 5 of the best and the links where you can purchase them!

We are only going to look at cork and foam blocks since they are the most frequently purchased and used. Check out the following block and learn what we like most about them!

Ape Movement’s yoga blocks come in a set including double D-ring straps. This one is our favorite for deeper stretches, improving your balance, flexibility, and overall posture. These are composed of EVA foam which is often used in a variety of exercise products giving it the resiliency to usage, but greater comfort as it is used. The size is 6x4x9 inches and the belt that comes with it is 8-inches. You will likely find that with this budget-friendly option that they aren’t as prone to slipping and sliding while you are doing your poses.

The JBM block is composed of cork and stands 4” by 6” by 9” and weighs about 2 pounds. It is all natural and eco-friendly, but still strong enough to let you do your most vigorous poses and light enough to easily transport.

The edges are contoured to make it easy to maintain your grip and for carrying and stabilization. Meaning that you don’t have to be concerned about falling, slipping, or losing balance because of the yoga block.

It also comes with a bonus strap! That will help to ensure that it doesn’t slide while you are using it and can help you attain different poses.

JBM provides a 100% money back guarantee if you encounter any problems with their yoga block or are just not totally content with it.

The Hugger Mugger Foam Block is made of standard high-density foam and beveled edges to ensure that you can hold on and still be sturdy.

These are comfortable to use and you may find that when you are smoothly transitioning from one pose to another that they can be easily adjusted, but when you depend on them the most that they are reliable then also.

#4 – Topyea Recycled Foam Yoga Block

Topyea blocks are made from recycled foam, so they are low on waste. And for those who value buying American, then these are definitely an option.

Plus, they come in different colors. They don’t have a detectable odor that some foam products carry and are approximately 2 pounds each. They can be slightly more expensive, since they aren’t sold in sets of two, unlike some others in this list, but it will depend on how many you need to do your workout. Topyea also engraved a note “Practice on” to one of the sides so you can have more fun with your workout tool.

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  • This yoga block comes with a lifetime warranty.



#5 – Gaiam Foam Block

Like the deal from Topyea, only one block is included in each purchase. A 6 foot-long strap and 1.5 inch wide is included in your purchase. This is most helpful when you are trying to deepen your yoga poses and increase flexibility.

The foam block is very affordable and you still get good quality. It is composed of a soft, but durable high-density foam that is best for assisting with poses, boosting flexibility and whatever else you need to comfortably do your poses.

As we were using this yoga block, we found that the softer foam was ultra comfortable for a variety of poses that involved laying down or stretching as we were sitting. If we wanted to deepen our pose or not go quite as deep, the block would be used to adjust the pose.

Your purchase will include a one-year warranty from the manufacturer and guard against any defect that would come from the manufacturer.

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