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Best Yoga Blocks of 2021

Yoga is well known for its mental and physical benefits. People come to yoga to increase flexibility, decrease joint pain, build strength, and clear their minds. It doesn’t require special equipment—just a mat or blanket, clothing for movement, a small space, and minimal props. Anyone can take up a regular yoga practice, especially with all the online and streaming options now available. All the class choices can be intimidating, and the benefits aren’t automatic. They take time and consistency. The first step is to get started—play a few videos or contact your local studio, and check out three or four classes. With a little exposure and information, you can find a yoga practice at the right level of challenge and expertise for your fitness and ability. Let us tell you about best yoga blocks.

Not everyone who can benefit from yoga is physically ready to maintain healthy alignment in some fundamental poses. Postures might need to be modified or supported for people with joint pain or tightness. Even very fit people with significant yoga experience need extra support when their bodies are recovering from injury or surgery. At the other end of the spectrum, intermediate and advanced yogis often need support to progress their skills. 

Versatile, affordable yoga blocks are the ideal prop to carry a yogi from total novice to arm balance master. Shopping for the right pair of blocks doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive, and you have come to the right place for a little guidance.

These lightweight EVA foam blocks are latex free with beveled edges and no-slip grip. For the beginner who needs to easily grip a pair of blocks in order to maintain a long spine in forward folds and low lunges, these are easy to move around the mat under your hands. For yin yoga or deep meditation, they are well balanced between reliable support and cushion at the point of contact with your body. 

Balance Form blocks are the best value for the money, at a little over half the cost of the closest price competitor for a pair. Also made of high-density, lightweight EVA foam, these blocks have rounded edges and grippy texture. If you are cautiously dipping your toe into the deep waters of yoga, you have a budget-friendly option in these blocks. You will especially love them if you like solid, bright colors.

The environmentally conscious yogi is frequently in search of Earth-friendly materials and processes in their yoga equipment. Manduka is committed to sustainable practices and durable products. These blocks are made of sustainable Cork Oak Tree in a process that does not create harmful chemical by-products. The fine grain cork texture gives them excellent grip, and unlike other wood blocks, they are as lightweight as foam. If you like a minimalist style, you will appreciate the natural wood color.

Not only does this set offer a choice between cork and EVA foam to suit any home yoga studio’s aesthetic, it also comes with the next most important yoga prop—a strap. Blocks can alleviate the depth of a knee bend, bring the floor a little closer to the hands, and hold up your body weight in supported bridges or supported fish poses. A strap uses tension and resistance to make deep stretches and balancing postures more accessible and effective. With blocks and a strap together, you can advance your yoga practice for years to come.

Though technically not a block, this bolster offers many similar supportive options. Its weight of 5 lbs. makes it best suited for less movement-oriented yoga practices, but handles on both ends make it convenient to carry. Its sturdy construction and rectangular shape are perfect for the long, passive holds that loosen up soft tissue in yin yoga, and as a cushion for seated meditation. A bolster is often the last addition to a home yoga practice. It can be used along with blocks or straps to deepen a physical practice. Yogis with years of practice often increase the amount of time they spend meditating, and a bolster has many other uses than a round meditation cushion. This is also a great standalone prop option if you are really only interested in gentle yoga.

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