Best Sports Bras of 2020

best sports bras

Best Sports Bras Of 2020

If you are anything like us, sometimes you just want to take things easy and sometimes that includes your workout. During those times, you won’t want a bra that is as supportive as, well, some of the others on our list. The Incredible Lightweight Max sports bra from Victoria’s Secret is fantastic for anything as high as medium impact, but also supportive enough for low-impact. This quickly became one of our favorites because it is supportive, but not overly constraining which can be really difficult to find if you have been working out for any period of time. If you have been struggling to find a perfect bra for a low to medium impact then you will definitely not want to pass this one up! 

Nike has once again outdone itself where aesthetics and performance are concerned. Which are about all that matter when it comes to finding a sports bra. Nike’s Pro Classic Swoosh Sports Bra is one of our favorites because it is just, as the name suggests, classic Nike. There’s not frills to this one. Just a straightforward look for a straightforward experience. You will find this bra to provide enough support for higher impact activities such as boxing, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and running. If you want an easy choice, then you will want to check this one out! 

Our list of the best sports bras of 2020 wouldn’t be complete without a very budget-friendly option and the Fittin Racerback sports bra is it! This bra is designed with support for high-impact exercises. We had to try it since so many were saying that it is the most comfortable and the most supportive, especially for the higher-impact activities. We have found that the rumors are true and have definitely earned themselves the reputation of being a staple in our workout wear wardrobe. The sizes range from small to Plus 2x and they are very, very comfortable during the most rigorous of workouts without chafing. As far as different color options go, however, you will have to buy the multipack, so try them out first to see if you like it! 

Nike, once again, hits one out of the park. Nike’s women’s victory compression Best Sports Bras of 2020 gives just what we needed to give the necessary support during runs without making things sore afterward. We are confident that many of you will find the same to be true. As with Nike’s pro classic swoosh bra, their victory compression sports bra features that same iconic swoosh in all of its simplicity. It also is available in 16 different colors and you will have great support with a great look with all of your workout outfits! 

Mirity has earned itself a spot on our list for the Best Sports Bras of 2020 for several important reasons that only stand out when you are experiencing the discomfort. Mirity’s racerback sports bra doesn’t ride up when you are working out and is very easy to take off after your workout when you arrive back home. Even more than that, they are specifically designed with the intent of keeping you cool during your workout, which is really nice when you are experiencing it and wonder where the others have been on emphasizing this. This bra from Mirity is soft enough that you will be comfortable during your workout but supportive enough that you can rest assured that they will do the job that you bought them for. If you are looking for a great experience for a reasonable price, then the Mirity racerback sports bra could be exactly what you want! 

Fruit of the Loom is mostly known for its undergarments and t-shirts, but it did a great job with these built-up sports bras. What we really like about Fruit of the Loom is that they have so many options where you can get multipacks and different colors in them, still for a fairly reasonable price. The women’s built-up sports bra is mostly made of cotton with a small amount of spandex. It is nice and supportive when working out, but you may also find that it looks really smooth underneath your clothing when you throw on a light shirt over top. We like these bras because you can wear them regardless of whether you are working out, going to work, or otherwise engaging in your daily activities. We have heard that they run a size smaller than what you normally wear, so bear that in mind when you are shopping for these. We recommend these high-quality, built-up sports bras from Fruit of the Loom because of their comfort, support, and versatility. 

Of all the bras that we have reviewed, we are pleased to have experienced the Spot Comfort full support sports bra from Champion. We have found that the straps don’t dig in when you are wearing it even though it does a great job keeping everything in one place. We also like how easy it is to get out of after going for a really sweaty run. As with some other brands, we were also happy that these come in a wide variety of colors and are guaranteed to look cute with any workout outfit. They are also very affordable, especially if you find that you like them and want more than one! 

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