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best running shoes

The Top Running Shoes for Men of 2020

If you are looking for an absolute Jack-of-All-Trades the Under Armour Micro G Pursuit Running Shoes are one of our best recommendations. The lower price is one of its more immediately attractive qualities, and the Micro G foam inside gives you just the right about of comfort and power to boost you toward the next mile. The Under Armour Micro G Pursuit Running Shoes are specifically designed to be lightweight and breathable so that they can remain dry for the duration of your run and facilitate airflow. Because of this, they also feel great nearing the end of your run since they are so lightweight. And with their excellent color options, you can rest assured that they will compliment whatever you want to wear to the gym. 

Our main complaint is that after some prolonged usage, they show signs of being particularly susceptible to wearing out before some of our other favorites. Nevertheless, these shoes are fantastic for whatever exercise you like and have good support. If you are looking for a great, all-around shoe for a good price, and likely to purchase another pair sooner than others, then these Under Armour Micro G Pursuit Running Shoes may be just the ones for you! 

This is Under Armour’s 6th version of the Assert. These running shoes are perfect whether you are using them for weightlifting in the gym or running for several miles. And, as we have come to expect from Under Armour, the quality is absolutely fantastic. The midsole offers enough support and the outer sole allows for greater comfort. Similar to some other choices in activewear, these can look great as part of your workout outfit or with regular casual wear. 

The foam on the top of the shoe is a breathable mesh that helps keep your foot cool when running and encourages airflow. It also conforms to the shape of your foot better because of it. We love how they perform on more damp pavement. Though, we don’t recommend running on wet pavement, but let’s be real, we have all caught ourselves running in an unexpected drizzle. For a comfortable shoe that keeps great traction, is durable and looks great with any kind of casual attire, the Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 running shoes for men has our vote! 

Nike, once again, proves itself with the newest innovation in athletic shoes. Their “flywire” technology is used in a variety of their shoes. It is made of a type of nylon that provides greater support and can reduce the weight of the shoe simultaneously. The flywire on the upper side of the shoe, and the rubber on the outsole makes it highly versatile and every runner’s dream. 

Nike’s FlyWire allows a greater amount of air to come and go through the shoe to keep your foot more cool when using them. Because of how it is designed, it conforms to the contour of your foot much more accurately and is, what we feel, makes them very unique. The midsole is supportive, but still very comfortable without sacrificing their light weight. The rubber on the bottom sole of the Nike Zoom running shoes is highly durable and keeps traction very well. 

If you want a shoe that is on top of the technology in footwear with a focus on activewear, then these Nike Zoom All Out Low sneakers are certainly among what you are looking for our of your shoes. 

Asics may not be the most trendy, but where performance is concerned, they are hard to beat. Asics is known to be one of the highest quality brands in the world of athletic shoes because of their construction, support, and breathable materials, also maximizing durability. This particular model has a strong emphasis on support and is specifically designed for those who are recovering or dealing with an injury that may have caused their feet to pronate too much when they are running.  

On the downside, Asics are often heavier shoes, and they definitely LOOK like athletic shoes, so there may be some difficulty in pairing them with an outfit that isn’t athletic, no matter how casual. However, we have found that their expansive color options can simplify that task or at least give a much more striking look when you are choosing your workout outfit. 

Adidas, once again, finds itself among the top of our list of best men’s running shoes of 2020. In their Swift Run men’s running shoe, Adidas has constructed the shoe out of materials that facilitate airflow, but prioritize comfort also while retaining their signature design. These are great for everyday wear as well as a light jog. These shoes are unique in their fit, mostly, they fit like a sock and your toes will likely not be squished because where shoes generally narrow toward the tip, these are wider. 

With that being said, don’t think that just because we found these to be quite comfortable that they don’t also have excellent support. However, these aren’t the best for more rigorous activities since the material of which these shoes are constructed, they aren’t very resilient to the high impact and strong support that you will need when doing more intense workouts. All around, though, these shoes are great for most of your every day needs, unless hard workouts are a part of it.  

Best Running Shoes For Women 2020

Nike began to shake things up in the world of athletic shoes in 2015 when it released its Air Max Sequent for women. They are as pleasant in performance as they are aesthetically. The women’s Air Max Sequent line from Nike is is made of breathable materials, high traction, and comfort on the areas that it matters most. The 3rd version in Nike’s Sequent line now has more of an ankle-boot look that will give the wearer more options in their wardrobe that may not be the greatest pairings with the style and definition of other athletic shoes. 

The Air Max Sequent line also uses the FlyWire cables that they have been emphasizing in their other shoes to give a better fit on your foot’s form and also will pair with more clothing because of their good range of options of colors. Keep in mind, however, that these shoes are more narrow and that can be the source of some irritation after a few hours. But if you are looking for some quality shoes that are as functional as they are appealing, then these may be just the ones that you should try! 

Nike has earned itself another spot on our list of the best running shoes of 2020 for women because of the extensive rage of colors for these shoes, sleek profile, exceptional comfort, and fantastic airflow enabling a greater performance for a shoe relative to that same price point. The women’s flex experience rn running shoes from Nike are now a standard shoe in workout gear. If you have no others, then you need a pair of these. Unlike other running shoes, these are designed for the rigor that accompanies many runs and are amazingly durable for being as affordable as they are. What stood out to us is its versatility since they are supportive and comfortable enough for everything from running to working out to everyday wear. If you are looking for a great all around shoe for a good price, look no further! 

Help us welcome Asics Gel shoes to our list of top running shoes for women in 2020. As usual, Asics has outdone itself with designs and shocking colors, as well as a great selection of different colors some of which are more traditional than others. On to performance, Asics has proven that it prioritizes comfort with a wider toe box than other athletic shoes as well as great support and flexibility to ensure that you have plenty of room and unhindered movement when you are running or working out. 

The Asics Gel Nimbus 21 running shoes for women use a lot of mesh to move air throughout more easily and contribute to their light weight. With that in mind, they are heavier than your other shoes, but considering the other areas in which they excel wildly, many runners find the weight of the shoes to be an area they can overlook. These are an excellent option if you are looking for high performance shoes that will, visually as well as physically, give you a little more “pep-in-your-step!” 

You didn’t think we would leave out Puma, did you? Talk about a pair that has absolutely wowed us in performance as well as, of course, style! These Tazon 6 running shoes from Puma designed for women are ultra comfortable, lightweight, and have proven themselves to be durable and withstand the demands of running and other exercise very well. Puma doesn’t have as many color options in this style, but there are 3 other colors and they are all very minimalist and just a gorgeous shoe. The materials make this very comfortable, so when you are nearing the end of your run, where it really matters, the midsole is well-cushioned. If you are looking for a running shoe that is simple, but is very comfortable, then you may find these Tazon 6 women’s running shoes from Puma to be just what you have been looking for! 

Adidas is getting another gold star from us, this time for women. These QT Racer Running shoes for women are some of the best shoes that you can have for personal fitness. Don’t be deceived by their cute aesthetic, these shoes are durable, supportive, and breathable for your running needs. They are also quite lightweight also, which is among the top things that we look for in a running shoe. Sure, the first mile they may all be the same, but they can start to feel heavy after the second or third mile. That’s when you are going to appreciate these the most since they are so comfortable. If you want a shoe that you can’t go wrong with, then these Cloudfoam QT Racer running shoes from Adidas are going to be an excellent choice. 

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