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Benefits of Rowing

Although there’s a lot of benefits to rowing machine it’s critical to speak with your doctor before starting any new form of exercise to ensure your body is able to whether additional physical activity.

With so many benefits (muscle building, fat burning, toning, improved breathing and cardiovascular functions that come with using rower machines it’s no wonder we’re seeing home-gym’rs trend towards choosing a type of fitness viewed by many to be less strenuous on the lower-body such as a rower.

Top 5 Reasons for Using Row Machines

1. Limited Impact for Injuries

Rowing is a go to exercise for many due to the fact that it both not only reduces the odds of being injured versus other forms of cardio such as jogging, running, or jump-roping; but also is an excellent choice for those looking to stay fit who are dealing with injuries. Instead of the major impact felt on many who try jogging or  running, you’ll simply be continuing one range of motion with little to no pressure on your joints. And don’t forget, just because it has limited impact doesn’t mean it’s not effective! Rowing is probably one of the most high-intensity forms of cardiovascular exercise available!

2. Lower-Body Benefits

The majority of home-gym rowers would consider their rowing routine to be a full lower-body/leg exercise which can be surprising to your average Joe! It turns out rowing is almost a complete workout set for your legs; working everything from your quads (upper thighs), to your calves & glutes. Many experts claim this is the key to such quick weight loss when incorporated into home gym routines because of the fact your legs get such an intense workout while ignighting a cardio storm!  You see, your calories are burned throughout the day in an effort to supply energy to your muscles- And your legs are the largest muscle in your body!

Calories absorbed for muscle maintenance>>>Legs largest muscles in body>>>Building Leg Muscles while doing cardio=Fat Burning Furnace

3. Upper Body Benefits

Unlike most other types of cards, rowing forces you to utilize upper-body strength  as well  as your lower. You won’t only be increasing your heart rate, rather you’ll be performing a full-body  workout involving your shoulders (or rhomboids), upper portion of your back(trapezii) and your lats (latissimus dorsi) mussels. Not to mention the workout your hands, calves biceps, and glutes are gonna get along with your core.

4. Weight Loss

Most gym goers can expect to burn an average of 600 calories per hour. This can be attributed to a prolonged increase in heart rate along with building those leg muscles discussed above! Rowing has one of the highest average calories per hour rate than many of the other cardiovascular exercises found in gyms, which is why it is often a go-to exercise for personal trainers and gym staff who are looking to maximize their weight-loss goals.

5. Top Notch Cardiovascular Workout

One of the most crucial benefits of rowing machines is its ability to raise your heart rate without putting much stress on the rest of your body. Your ability to control the resistance is as major plus for those looking for a way to get more out of their workouts without having to increase the duration.

Also referred to as an indoor rower, water rower or ergometer, the rowing machine is a game changer in the fitness world. The sad part, however, is that majority of the people out there still do not know the actual benefits of a rowing machine. This article is not going to dwell into the benefits of rowing exercise, but it wouldn’t hurt to know some of the core benefits listed below.

Rowing Machine NameDimensions (Inches)Rating 
Concept 2 Model D Indoor Row Machine 96 x 25 x 364.9 StarsCheck Price on Amazon
Rower from Stamina Avari Fitness81 x 20 x 24.54.0 StarsCheck Price on Amazon
Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine 96 x 24 x 204.8 StarsCheck Price on Amazon
Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine92 x 19 x 36 4.0 StarsCheck Price on Amazon
Natural Water Rowing Machine (Ash Wood) 83 x 22 x 214.6 StarsCheck Price on Amazon
Resistance Rowing Machine w/S4 by WaterRower78 x 21 x 204.5 StarsCheck Price on Amazon
First Degree Fitness Newport AR Rower Water Row Machine82 x 22 x 284.0 StarsCheck Price on Amazon
Hi-Rise Attachment Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor84 x 21 x 22 4.8 StarsCheck Price on Amazon
Indoor Rowing Machine Signature Edition – Xeno Muller with S4 Monitor by WaterRower.84 x 21 x 224.5 StarsCheck Price on Amazon

• The water rower is probably the best exercise machine available for cardiovascular exercises.
• Studies have shown that rowing exercise relatively burns more calories than cycling or running!
• If you’re looking to build stamina, endurance and flexibility, look no further. You’re in the right place. The way the stamina air rower exerts your muscles leads many to believe that the full-body workout mechanism is better than a home gym.
• Its calorie burning aspect makes a rowing machine the ideal machine for weight loss and toning up.

• A rowing machine requires the least motion which makes it a low-impact machine on the body. Whether you are old or have joint problems or can’t perform weight-bearing exercises or have lower back pain, you can perform exercises on this machine without any hindrance.
• Healthy heart and lungs go a long way in maintaining your health which leads to prolonged life. With rowing exercises’ proved aerobic benefits, you can’t go wrong.

Now that you know what you need to know about a rowing machine’s core benefits, here’s a list of ten of the best rowing machines of 2019 to help you navigate your shopping.

On this website you will find a detailed review  of  all the latest and greatest rowers available for 2019.

1. Concept 2 Model D Indoor Row Machine Exercise Equipment with PM5Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

Tagged as “The World’s Best-Selling Rowing Machine”, the Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 from the well-known manufacturer Concept 2 rower is arguably the best rowing machines. With a whopping 93% 5-Star rating on Amazon, this rowing machine is for all users – beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

– Resistance: It has an air-resistance rower. So, to feel more resistance, you have to row faster, but that means louder sound from the fan. The resistance is smooth, strong, and even all the way through. It has a damper setting ranging from 1-10 for adjusting the level of resistance.
– Monitor: The PM5 monitor is simple, easy to use, and loaded with features. The PM5 is one of the most raved about monitor amongst its users. The monitor tracks distance, time, calories, speed, heart rate monitor and many more. A USB drive port for recording data and a built in monitor. With its backlit LCD, the display is easy to read.
– Weight and height capacity: This machine can support up to 500 pounds and accommodates any user below 7 feet.

– It has a comfortable padded and contoured seat. Compared to a flat angle seat, the seat in this machine is slightly tilted which helps in maintaining proper posture.
– The handle is fitted with solid rubber grips and allows for efficient rowing. But you can always wear a glove if you desire.
– Flexible footrests ensure that you can have a firm grip without slipping.
– The seat glides on the monorail without any effort which delivers a smooth rowing motion. Just make sure to maintain the chain and monorail on a periodic basis.

Build Quality
This rowing machine is built commercial grade. So, it is extremely durable and can prevail against heavy punishment coming from constant use. Apart from common noises, there are no creaking sounds. Overall, the longevity of this machine is guaranteed.

Assembly and Storage
The machine weighs around 57 pounds. The instruction manual is straightforward within 30 minutes you can assemble the machine. It has a large footprint when in use with a recommended space of 9’ x 4’. However, it can be folded easily under 30 seconds. The folded dimension is 25(L) x 33(W) x 54(H) inch, so if you have space to use this machine, there shouldn’t be any issues with storing it.

– Frame: It offers a five-year limited warranty.
– All parts: This machine comes with a two year limited warranty which is also transferable to second buyer/owner.


  • It has a high resell value.
  • You cannot expect a better monitor at present.
  • Its fluid rowing motion is unbeatable.
  • You can experience realistic resistance like you’re rowing on water.


  • Seats may start to tweak after a few years. So, be ready to make some adjustments.
  • The large footprint may be an issue for some users.

Since this rower has the rating of being the best rowing machine on the market, you might expect the price to be high. But, comparatively the price is reasonable which is why many people have chosen to invest in a Concept 2 rower. It is the perfect addition to a home gym if you have the space.

2. Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower from Stamina Avari Fitness.

One of the top recommended exercise rowers is the Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower from Stamina Avari Fitness. It comes at a reasonable price packed with features which deliver a smooth, convenient and quiet workout.Avari Fitness Rowing machine

– Resistance: As the name of the product itself suggests, this machine is a magnetic resistance rower. A major benefit of a magnetic rowing machine is the low noise as compared to air and water resistance rowers. This makes the magnetic rower quiet to operate. This magnetic rower has a robust adjustable resistance suitable for all types of users. The inclined rail in this magnetic rower allows you to get more of a leg workout.
– Monitor: The monitor comes packed with features. The machine has an advanced monitor compared to other magnetic rowers. It has a 12 workout program. You can track power, speed, distance, calories, and pulse rate amongst others. It also comes with a backlit LCD.

Weight and height capacity: The rowing machine’s capacity in this regard may be a bit limited. If you are taller than 6’4” and weigh over 280 pounds, this machine may not be for you.

This machine can comfortably allow you to perform a long rowing session. The footrests come with Velcro straps and can hold your feet securely for a smooth rowing motion. The handle is padded and allows a comfortable grip. The seat may, however, have less ‘cushioning feel’ for some users, but this can be easily modified.

Build Quality
Made from aluminium beams and steel frame, this magnetic rowing machine is well-built and durable. It features a strong nylon pulley system which keeps the noise low. Make sure to screw the bolts tightly to prevent any squeaking sound from the machine parts while exercising.

Assembly and Storage
Three main pieces form this rowing machine, and with easy to follow instructions, assembly needs less than 30 minutes. All necessary tools also come with the package. The machine has a foldable steel frame and built-in wheels for easy mobility. It takes only 2-3 seconds to fold thereby making it easy to store.

– Frame: 3-years.
– Parts: Warranty is only 90 days or 3 months.


  • It has seven phenomenal pre-set programs.
  • One of the easiest machines to assemble.
  • The resistance is one of the strongest among magnetic rowers.
  • The operation of the machine is very smooth and quiet.
  • Rated one of the best magnetic rowing machines in 2018


  • The monitor doesn’t efficiently track speed, distance, and power.
  • The seat could be more comfortable.
  • The warranty period is pretty short.

Strongly backed by customers’ reviews, the Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower from Stamina Avari Fitness is undoubtedly the best magnetic rower at its price range. Apart from the minor issues, there is nothing wrong with the programmable magnetic rower. The resistance is more than what you need, the rowing operation is smooth, the monitor is advanced, and the machine is durable and long-lasting. At this price, it’ll only be a steal to buy this machine.

3. Concept 2 Rowing Machine Model E Indoor Air PM5.Concept 2 Rower

Technically, this Model E is an upgrade from Concept2’s Model D. The strong, realistic and smooth resistance offered by this rowing machine makes it popular amongst Olympic rowers and fitness gyms. Many new features have been added to this model, thereby making it more expensive than the Model D. Nevertheless, Concept2 lives up to its name once again with this excellent rowing machine.

– Resistance: In line with the Model D, this rower is also based on air resistance but with better resistance. Due to its variable resistance, this rower is excellent for high-intensity interval training. With a damper setting of 1-10, you can adjust it and find the one suitable for you.
– Monitor: Apart from the usual functions of a monitor, this fitness monitor also instructs you on with the proper form to row, race a boat or your previous records, and play games. It has an ANT+ technology for monitoring your heart rate. When using the machine, the flywheel powers the monitor which increases the batteries’ longevity.
– Weight and height capacity: Like the Model D, this rower can fit anyone below 500 pounds. You can also extend the monorail by five inches with extra purchase.

You may not find another machine that delivers the extremely smooth rowing motion that you get with the Model E. The seat is also six inches higher than the model D. The handle features a ten-degree bend for comforting and a longer grip. The footrests, like the Model D, are comfortable and can fit any shoe size.

Build Quality
Like the Mode D, this rower is commercial grade which means it will stand the test of time. The enclosed steel chain is nickel-plated making it a machine requiring less maintenance than the Model D. Rest assured, nothing in this rowing machine is cheap or composed of less durable material.

Assembly and Storage

You will find no hiccups when it comes to assembling this machine. Everything that you require comes with the package including the wrenches. Meaning you can set up the machine in 30 minutes.

The assembled dimension measures 96(L) x 24(W) inch. Whereas, stored dimension measures 27(L) x 33(W) x 54(H) inch which is the same as Model D except for an increase of 2 inches in length. The machine can be stored away in a corner or a big closet.

The warranty is the same as Model D – 5 years limited warranty for frame and 2 years limited warranty for all the parts which is transferable while selling the machine.


  • The best feature is the advanced PM5 monitor with ANT+ technology.
  • It is quieter than the Model D which is excellent for an air rower.
  • The nickel-plating on the chain makes it a low maintenance machine.
  • The double powder coat for the exterior finish is excellent and durable.


  • The seat may not be comfortable for some but can be modified.

• Overall
Though the Model E has more features than the Model D, the amount of workout you can get in both the machines are the same. You can’t go wrong with either one, and the choice is only personal. But if you have that extra cash, you should consider the Model E because of its technical advances and sleek features.

4. R100 Commercial Air/Magnetic Rowing Machine by LifeCore Fitness.LifeCore Rowing Machine

The only rowing machine at commercial grade to feature both air and magnetic resistance is the R100 Commercial Rowing Machine. Fitness Professor Review in 2013 also crowned this rower as the winner of the ‘Head of the Class Award’. With fully loaded features, this machine is a class of its own.

– Resistance: As already stated, this machine is an air-magnetic rower. You get the air rower resistance at lower levels of resistance and magnetic rower resistance at higher levels of resistance. There are sixteen levels of resistance. Without interrupting with the flow of your exercise, you can change the resistance level.
– Monitor: It is a large LCD with good backlit display and tracks all the critical data. It also features a 15 workout program with different options. The monitor can store data for four different users and is user-friendly. The arm of the monitor is adjustable, and the length is suitable for all users.
– Weight and height capacity: Its weight capacity is commendable at 600 pounds. However, the height capacity is capped at around 6’3” or 6’4” — don’t try out the machine if you’re taller than the stated height limit.

You can’t complain much about this rower when it comes to comfort. With a broad and extra padded seat, footrests with wide spacing, comfortable handle grip, and solid heel support, the fluid resistance is alleviated throughout your entire rowing motion. The nylon strap also significantly minimizes the sound when you pull the handle.

Build Quality
Being a commercial grade rower, the R100 can take massive hits for a long time to come. So, if you’re using this at home, it will last you a lifetime. There is no fuss about squeaks coming from the machine.

Assembly and Storage
Rowing machines, in general, aren’t hard to set up. With brief and easy to follow instructions like the R100, you can quickly assemble it in 20 minutes tops. Once assembled the dimension is 92(L) x 19(W) x 36(H) which means a space of at least 8 feet for operation. It can be packed by simply folding after unscrewing a knob. To store it, you’ll have to place it upright. However, the weight of this machine is 96 pounds, but mobility shouldn’t be a problem as caster wheels are attached.

Another excellent feature about the R100 is the warranty provided.
– Frame: Lifetime
– Parts: 5 years for residential use, and 2 years for light commercial use.

• Pros


  • The workout programs are extremely helpful.
  • The lifetime warranty is the best warranty offer, both for residential and commercial.
  • Monitor is easy to reach, operate and observe without interrupting your workout.
  • The width and comfort of the seat definitely beats out many machines which are better than R100.
  • Quieter compared to other rowing machines.


  • Some may find the R100 to be a bit pricey.
  • Compared to other rowers, this one is 30-40 pounds heavier.

After all is said and done, working out on this machine will deliver everything your body needs. The nitty-gritty will come down on the technicalities and not on the functionality. So, that is a personal choice. But the best thing about R100 is the dual-resistance system. So, if you want the best of the air as well as magnetic rowing resistance, this is the best option available.

5. Natural Water Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 from WaterRower.Water Rowing Machine

Feeling like getting into a boat and just start rowing? Then welcome to the world of water resistance rowing for a realistic experience. This rowing machine from WaterRower forms a part of their ‘Natural’ series of water resistance rowers. ‘Natural’ because it is made from ash wood and stained in honey oak. This rower is one of the best performing and most beautiful water rowers.

– Resistance: This water resistance rower utilizes paddles or water flywheel which is suspended in a container of water. The resistance will depend on how fast or slow you row, as well as the amount of water in the tank. The noise created by water rower sounds like water splashing and the resistance is smooth.
– Monitor: The monitor is not backlit but the screen size is large enough for reading. The data tracked includes heart rate, intensity/speed, distance, time, and strokes per minute. The data can also be uploaded in your computer for analytical records of your workout. But do understand that water rowers data will not be as accurate as air or magnetic rowers.

Weight and height capacity: The weight capacity of this machine stands at a comfortable 1000 pounds.

The height capacity will fit majority of the people unless you’re taller than 6’6’’. If you are, do try out the machine first before buying because the seat rail cannot be extended.

With eight heavy-duty wheels, you’ll experience a continuous smooth rowing motion from start to finish. The seat comes with extra cushioning for ultimate comfort during long rowing exercises. The tear-drop shape of the handle provides great support for the wrist. The footrests can also accommodate any shoe size.

Build Quality
The build quality of this Natural Rowing Machine is solid, and no fault can be found. It is made with the highest quality ash wood and then stained in honey oak. You may be wondering since the machine is mostly wood, the joints may produce creaking sounds. But even after considerable use, you won’t even hear a squeak, which speaks volume about the quality. The tank is robust and made of high impact resistance plastic glass.

Assembly and Storage
The instructions for setting up this rower provide detailed step-by-step guidance. Even if you haven’t set up anything in your life, you can follow the instructions and assemble the rower in less then 30 minutes. After assembly, the dimension is 83(L) x 22(W) x 21(H) inch. The storage will be a problem if water is full in the tank. The rower is not foldable, so you’ll have to lift it up and roll it (dual caster wheels attached) to keep it upright. With full water, the rower weighs 117 pounds, and with empty tank the rower weighs 73 pounds.


The warranty provided is only 1 year. But if you fill out a form, you can get 5 years warranty for the frame, and 3 years warranty for the parts.


  • Its built quality and smooth rowing experience is exceptional.
  • Because of its upright storage, space occupied is minimal.
  • The seat and handle provides maximum comfort.


  • The heel rests are rough, so it is not advisable to row barefoot.
  • It is costly.
  • The monitor is of a basic model.

If this is in your budget and want to experience a smooth and perfect water rowing exercise, the Natural Rowing Machine should be an ideal choice for you.

6. Classic Water Resistance Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor by WaterRower.Classic Rowing Machine by WaterRower

This water resistance rower by WaterRower is their ‘Classic’ model built from black walnut wood with three coats of Danish oil. The color varies from brown to purple or black. This black walnut wood is from the Appalachian Mountains and is of premium quality.

– Resistance: Like other water resistance rowers, this rower’s resistance is also self-regulated. The water flywheel delivers a quiet and smooth resistance emulating the dynamics of a boat on water through its dual paddles. Your strength is the only thing that determines how fast you want to row in this machine.
– Monitor: The monitor is the same as the ‘Natural’ and ‘Club’ models. The optional products are the chest strap for tracking heart rate and the receiver which can also enhance the effectiveness of your workout. The monitor is friendly for any users. Despite not being an advanced monitor, it tracks all the necessary data that a user needs to know.
– Weight and height capacity: The maximum weight capacity, as per the company, is 1000 pounds. While the machine can accommodate any person with a maximum inseam length of 37 inches which should roughly translate to around 6’6″.

Like all WaterRower’s products, this machine also stands out for its comfort. The seat is wide and comfy with extra padding. The glide over the rail is seamless. The handles also allow you a good grip while pulling the nylon strap. The width of the footrests may be small for some if you’re accustomed to a width of more than 7 inches.

Build Quality
The black walnut used in this machine has fantastic engineering properties. It can absorb more sound and vibration which alleviates the smooth operation and quiet performance of this Classic Rowing Machine. The black walnut wood also has more longevity and provides dimensional stability to this row machine. You also require no maintenance or lubrication with the pulleys and recoil belt. Overall, this machine is extremely stable and stands firmly planted on the floor with no weak spots.

Assembly and Storage
The assembly is simple and takes less than 30 minutes, though filling the water in the tank may take 10-20 minutes. The assembled dimensions are almost the same as WaterRower’s ‘Nature’ and ‘Club’ models. If you need to store it to make space, you can lift the machine vertically with no space-consumption. Wheels are also attached to the machine for mobility.

Similar to other warranties provided by WaterRower, the warranty period for this product is also one year for both the frame and parts. But, on filling a form, you can upgrade it to 5 years for the frame, and 3 years for the parts.


  • Very comfortabe seat
  • Excellent stability with smooth and quiet resistance.


  • It is around 300-400 dollars more expensive than the ‘Nature’ and ‘Club’ models. So, at this price, you’d want a more advanced monitor.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this product and you can expect the best rowing exercise from it. If it is in your budget, it is a sleek finish to your home gym.

7. First Degree Fitness Newport AR Rower, Water Row Machine.First Degree FItness AR Rower

With intent to shake things around a bit when it comes to water rowers, First Degree Fitness introduced the Newport AR Rower. One of the best rowing machines under $1000. This water rower has an adjustable resistance seen only in a few rowers with water resistance and comes in a sporty red color. It also features a fluid technology for realistic and smooth rowing.

– Resistance: With an adjustable resistance in this water rower, you can experience great versatility and flexibility in this machine. With a resistance level from 1 to 4 (1 being feather light and 4 being Olympic sprint), it is suitable for all users. There are also two water chambers for adjustable resistance. There is no delay in resistance when you begin your exercise. You can experience a continuous rowing exercise smoothly.

– Monitor: The monitor level adjusts with the water level in the tank to provide more accurate data. All the necessary data is tracked by the monitor. It also has a USB port built-in. The heart rate monitor is an optional purchase.
– Weight and height capacity: The weight capacity is on the lower side at 300 pounds. While the height is suitable for anyone below 7 feet.

The fluid technology ensures that you have the smoothest rowing experience. The seat is also comfortable with some extra features to avoid unnecessary pressure. The handle comes with a foam rubber grip to prevent any strain on your arms, hands and wrists. The footboard is also suitable for any shoe size.

Build Quality
Even though built for home use, this Newport AR Rower feels like it is commercial grade. The overall body feels super sturdy, and the grip of the machine with the floor fortifies this. The plastic water tank is made from very durable polycarbonate so you shouldn’t worry if it takes a hit or if the machine falls on the ground from its vertical position.

Assembly and Storage
The assembly part is relatively easy. You have to attach the seat and rail and fill the water. The assembled dimension is 78(L) x 21(W) x 20(H) inch which translates to a minimum space of 7’x2.5’. For storage, you have to lift it from the seat area and place it upright. It is easy to store and takes up an area of less than 2 square feet.

The warranty offered is specific:
– Frame: 5 years
– Parts: 1 year for items which wear out, and 2 years for those which do not.
– Tank: 3 years.


  • – The adjustable resistance and fluid technology makes this rower an excellent choice.
  • – Warranty is great.
  • – Comfort quality is superb which allows you for a continuous rowing session.
  • – At this price, this machine is an excellent piece for your home gym.


  • – The paddles in the resistance could have been bigger for stronger resistance.
  • – The monitor has no workout programs or storage facilities.
  • – Customer service might be sloppy in some regions.

If you want a reliable, durable and robust water rower, but you don’t want to shell out more than $1000, then this is the ultimate choice for you. You can expect a smooth operating machine with excellent levels of resistance for optimum use.

8. Hi-Rise Attachment Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor by WaterRowerRow Machine S4 by WaterRower

This water rower is similar to the Club Rowing Machine except that it comes with a hi-rise which means the machine will rest certain distance from the ground.

– Resistance: With its dual-paddle flywheel, the resistance offered by the machine is seamless and attempts to produce rowing with natural and realistic dynamics. The water tank is high durable plastic with about 19 litres capacity. The resistance is self-regulating depending on the energy applied and the water level.
– Monitor: The S4 monitor has been used in many of the models of ergometer by WaterRower including this one. The LCD screen is big enough for a clear reading and tracks all the critical data. You can also connect your personal computer or laptop to the monitor via a cable. Unless you want the most advanced rowing monitor, the S4 will keep you updated with what is relevant.
– Weight and Height capacity: The weight capacity ranges from 700-1000 pounds. While the rail can accommodate a person with a length of up to 38 inches. Even though the inseam length and height are not always directly proportional, a person’s height of around 6’5” to 6’6” may be the limit.
– Hi-Rise: The 6”-8” rise of the machine from the ground makes it suitable for people with joints problem and makes it easier for entering and exiting the machine.

The seat is wide with thick padding with contour features for providing solid comfort while rowing. The PVC seat glides and rollers deliver a quiet drive as opposed to metallic glides and rollers. The handle is a straight bar enclosed by foam padding for superior grip. The footrests lie at a non-adjustable 45-degree angle which can accommodate any shoe size. The foot and heel rests hold the feet securely without any risk of losing balance.

Build Quality
Similar to the Club Rowing Machine, this rower also has its frame made out of solid ash wood with tinted rosewood as a staining agent to make it soiling resistant. Urethane and Danish oil is also used as staining agents on the machine for extra protection. There is no creaking sound when the machine is in motion, and the rower’s commercial grade build will last you a lifetime.

Assembly and Storage
Though there are various parts that need attachment, all you have to do is join the parts and bolt the screw in with the Allen wrench provided. The instructions are simple, and you should have no difficulty in assembling. After assembly, the dimension of the rower is 82(L) x 22(W) x 28(H) with the hi-rise attachment. For storage, you’ll have to lift the machine from the seat section and store it upright.

Filling out a registration form will enable you to obtain 5 years warranty on the frame and 3 years on the parts. But if you don’t fill it out, the warranty is only one year for both frame and components.


  • Extra seat padding provides superior comfort.
  • Rowing resistance is stable, quiet, and smooth.
  • It is extremely well built to go the distance.
  • The hi-rise feature makes it appealable for those who prefer higher distance from the ground and want to use the Club Rowing Machine.


  • You’ll have to spend extra for enabling heart rate monitor.

If you can afford it, this product would be a worthwhile investment. But if you don’t need the hi-rise, it’s better to go with the standard Club Water Machine rather than spend a hundred to two hundred more dollars.

9. Indoor Rowing Machine Signature Edition – Xeno Muller with S4 Monitor by WaterRower.Indoor Rowing Machine by WaterRower

Named after collaborating with Xeno Muller, the 1996 Olympic gold medallist in rowing, this rower is essentially a slightly upgraded version of the Natural Rowing Machine from WaterRower. The functionality remains the same, but there are some technical changes which may enhance your rowing exercises.

– Resistance: Like all other rowers from WaterRower, the resistance from this rower is unmatched. Its patented water flywheel provides the most efficient resistance amongst all the water rowers out there.
– Monitor: This rower also has the same S4 monitor from WaterRower. It tracks all the important data like power, calories, speed, and distance. You can also monitor your heart rate, but this package is an optional purchase. The monitor can also be connected to your PC for assimilation with other software programs.
– Weight and height capacity: This rower, like almost all rowers from WaterRower, can carry a weight of up to 1000 pounds and accommodate a person with an inseam length of 37 inches.
– New feature: This rower’s unique feature is the workout programs prepared by Xeno Muller himself. It has more than 50 hours of technical training and stroke analysis to alleviate your rowing experience and improve your efficiency.

While the other features are same with the Natural Rowing Machine, this rower has an increased handle width (17 inches) and a lowered footboard which rakes it to the next level of comfort. None of WaterRower’s other product has these two features, making this rower a versatile machine.

With the lowered footrests you have a greater reach and more comfort. The widened handle improves efficiency and enables extended rowing session.

Build Quality
Built from solid Ash wood with honey oak stain, this sturdy rower receives Danish oil finishing for a sleek final look. Like all other WaterRower’s machines which are highly acclaimed, this rower is especially robust, creak-free and guarantees smooth training session. You shouldn’t worry about calling customer service anytime soon after purchase.

Assembly and Storage
The assembly is hassle-free with simple and easy-to-follow instructions. All you have to do is assemble the rail and seat along with its connected attachments. You can do this with the an allen wrench and bolts provided with no need for additional tools. All in all, you will only need 30 minutes or so for setting up the machine. You can store it by lifting the rower and placing it upright. The space consumed while erect is less than 2’ x 2’.

In general, you only get a 1 year warranty. But you can extend this to 5 years for the frame and 3 years for the components upon filling up a form provided by the company.


  • Widened handle improves overall efficiency and introduces more versatility to the rower.
  • The lowered footboard also allows you to get more reach for more productivity without compromising on comfort.
  • With the workout programs from Xeno Muller, you can improve your techniques which are crucial to achieving optimum benefits while rowing.


  • You still have to purchase a heart rate monitor system as a separate item.


The upgrades introduced in this Xeno Muller Signature Edition Indoor Rowing Machine will enhance your rowing training. So, this machine is slightly better than the Natural Rowing Machine. The difference between these two machines being only a hundred dollars, it shouldn’t hurt your wallet to purchase this.

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Best Fitness Trackers for 2019


  • Top 9 Rowing Machines



The best rowing machine on the market are going to come at some cost. As does anything you intend on utilizing to help reach your fitness goals for years to come. Thankfully, they do keep their resale value nicely as long as you maintain the equipment properly.

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