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Top Fitness Smartwatch16 Best Fitness Trackers of 2019 

Does anyone dare question the relevance of the best fitness tracker in the present era? The concept of wearing a simple device around your wrist and keeping track of your fitness status is so easy and convenient. Not everyone can afford to keep their own personal trainer beside them at all times to remind them to eat healthy or to stay active. You can’t take your trainer everywhere you go. This is where a major percentage of people turn to personal fitness trackers.

Which is the Top Smartwatch Activity Tracker?

Best Smartwatch Fitness Tracker NameWho's it best for? 
Apple Watch Series 4 Cellular Fitness SmartWatchiphone users Check Price On Amazon
Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
VivoActive 3 GPS Garmin Smartwatch Android users Check Price On Amazon
Withings Steel HR Sport Tracker Nokia Smartwatchiphone 8.0 or higher and Android 6.0 or higherCheck Price On Amazon

 Favorite 12 Exercise Fitness Trackers for Running

Best Fitness Tracker NameWho's it best for? 
Garmin VivoSmart HR Runners and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
5.2 Garmin Forerunner 35 People who are active and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
Garmin VivoSmart HR+ RegularRunners and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
VivoFit 4 Garmin Sport TrackerRunners and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
Fitbit Charge 3Runners and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
5.6 Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Tracking WatchPeople who are active and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
Garmin VivoSport Runners and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
Fitbit Flex 2People who are active and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
Fitbit Alta Smart Activity TrackerPeople who are active and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
Fitbit SurgeRunners and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
5.13 Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker WristbandPeople who are active and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon
Fitbit One People who are active and Compatible with any deviceCheck Price On Amazon

Several medical studies conducted over the last 5-7 years suggest that “physical inactivity” is one of the major contributing factors in the development of several medical complications (irrespective of age groups). Some of the findings as a result of those studies include :

• Less active people have a higher chance of developing “high blood pressure.”
• More physical activities reduce the risk of “type-2 diabetes.”
• Physical inactivity is one of the main causes of developing “coronary heart disease.”
• Physical inactivity contributes to depression and anxiety related health complications
• Vigorous physical activities in older people significantly reduce the risk of “falling” or strokes

These are just some primary benefits we found from several studies. Apart from the above-stated benefits, there are many more health benefits to staying active. This is precisely why fitness trackers have become such a vital device in society. Fitness trackers do not  just allow you to keep track of your physical activity frequency, but also allows you to keep a check on your diet and your sleeping quality.
However, due to the popularity of fitness trackers, there are a lot of options in the market at present. This makes it particularly a difficult job in deciding which fitness tracker to purchase. Depending on various crucial factors related to proper fitness tracking device, we have listed out the ten best fitness trackers you can purchase during this time on Amazon.

For the above reasons, here’s a list on the ten best fitness trackers you could choose from depending on your budget and space.

The working principle of a fitness tracker is simple, and most importantly it has proven to be so efficient and convenient since its inception. A device that allows you to monitor the number of calories you need to burn (or burned) or how diet effects your health can be so complicated, yet it is a reality in the form of the fitness tracker.

A fitness tracker isn’t only useful for losing weight, as is the general perception of people. Though losing weight may be one of the ultimate end goals, by just wearing a fitness tracker you don’t automatically start losing weight. Motivation is a hard thing to come by in today’s busy life. Even if you know that you ought to stay fit, it is not always easy to push yourself to do those things which you know you should be doing every day. A fitness tracker simply holds you accountable for your health. This is where you can use a fitness tracker to remind and motivate yourself about the importance of your health, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. For more tips on Self Improvement make sure to check out


There are various ways to use a fitness tracker depending on the device and the lifestyle of the wearer. Not all devices are the same, and not all wearers need to go out and buy the most expensive one. Some fitness trackers come with basic features and specifications while others come with extra features to track more metrics. Some even offer workout programs.  As we discuss about each tracker below, we will also explain in detail how to use them so that you can determine which one fits your needs best.


Given the fact that the fitness tracker industry is becoming more and more popular, there are numerous products to choose from. While cheap is not always the best, expensive isn’t always the best either. Below are the 16 best fitness trackers which have been sorted out from the thousands out there that will be suitable for any user.



 Best Smartwatch  Fitness Tracker With GPS

Apple Watch Series 4 Cellular Fitness SmartWatch

Applewatch Smartwatch



Claimed by Apple itself to be the most popular watch, whether smart or not, the Apple Watch Series 4 is a unique fitness tracker. The Series 4 has new features like fall detection, ECG readings, better and larger display that extends almost till the edge of the watch, and an upgraded heart rate monitor.


The device also comes with an in-built GPS sensor to accurately track running, and can also track swims. All in all, exercise tracking still is the best feature in the device. The device also has automatic exercise detection and notification to confirm the end of your workout. The Activity Competition is also a nice feature to keep yourself motivated by challenging your friends.



With bigger and more prominent display, the sizes of the Series 4 are now 40mm and 44mm as compared to the earlier 38mm and 42mm. Also, the existing older bands will still work with the Series 4 bands depending on the correlation of the sizes, i.e., 38mm with 40mm, and 42mm with 44mm.


Like the previous model, even if your phone is switched off, you can receive and make calls and texts. The speaker now occupies a bit of extra space on the side of the phone. The new location of the microphone is between the side button and the digital crown.


The device also has a new 4th Generation S4 processor which gives optimum performance, unlike any other smartwatch. So, when it comes to the processor, Apple is much ahead of its competitors.



The Apple watch setup process is straightforward. Open the watch app on your iPhone (only iPhone 5 and above) and follow the on-screen instructions. For those with the LTE variant, go to Mobile Data Setup page whereafter you’ll have to access the network carrier’s website. From there, you’ll have to log in and set the eSIM of the device.



  • Screen: With extra screen size, the device comes with new watch faces and complications. You shouldn’t encounter any problem with the legibility on the screen. The 40mm model has an OLED display with 394 x 324 pixels, and the 44mm model has 448 x 368 pixels.
  • Notifications: The notifications regarding the ECG app and irregular heartbeats are a stunner. Though there are concerns of false positive notifications, you can store and use the data for future medical references, if required.
  • Heart rate monitor: The heart rate sensor has now only one LED as compared to four that the previous model had. In addition, the digital crown doubles as an electrical sensor which can now collect better data for the heart rate.
  • Battery: As battery life is concerned, this device doesn’t see much improvement over the older models. At max, it’ll last you a full day.


Apple Watch Series 4

  • Syncs to your ios device.
  • Siri and IOS 5 on your wrist.
  • The big and beautiful display is classy and beats all other competitors.
  • The super processor makes the operation of the watch smooth and hassle-free.
  • Custom message replies.
  • Upgraded from a 40 mm to 44 mm screen.
  • Prominent sound.
  • The waterlock feature allows you to lock the screen so it does not get water damage.
  • Running auto pause allows you to have a more accurate run time.
  • Voice control text and call.
  • It is pretty expensive.
  • Battery life could be improved.

Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch Activity Tracker

Fitbit Ionic Activity Tracking Smartwatch



Fitbit has always been known for having the best fitness trackers available. The Ionic is Fitbit’s first ever smartwatch, although it leans more towards a fitness tracker than a smartwatch. It is Fitbit’s most expensive watch to date. As a fitness tracker, it does everything a tracker does by tracking calories, steps, distance, floors climbed and many more.


The built-in GPS makes the device a favorite for serious runners. The heart rate monitor has also improved for more reliable data. The Ionic is also waterproof, and this feature has excited many customers.


The device also comes with music storage with many customizable watch faces making it one of the favorite fitness trackers out there in the market.


Made of an aluminum body, the watch is sleek to look at. But when you compare it with Samsung or Apple’s smartwatches, you’ll find that the Ionic is a bit too boxy in design and fails to live up to the clean look of a smartwatch.


Ionic, however, makes up for the simple body with its band that could be personalized. The band comes in different colors and styles, and it is up to you to choose and define yourself with it. So as far as choice is concerned, that shouldn’t be a problem.


Besides the touchscreen sensor, there are two buttons on the right and one on the left for assisting you in navigation.

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You’ll need the Fitbit app downloaded on your phone. After downloading, sign up for the Fitbit account. Open the Bluetooth in both devices, and the app will start looking for the device. Once the Ionic is listed, select it and enter the four-digit number.



  • Screen: The screen size is 29.7mm with 349 x 250 pixels. However, the width of the watch is 38.6mm which means there are just too many unnecessary bezels on the sides. Watch face is customizable and the color is also excellent which makes up for the boxy look.
  • Notifications: You can receive all sorts of notifications on you Ionic, but the sad part is that there is no option for responding to messages.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy in the Ionic is the best amongst the devices Fitbit has produced. But for tracking distance, keeping the GPS on always is recommended.
  • Heart rate monitor: Ionic uses PurePulse heart rate technology to better track calorie and heart rate.
  • Battery: Ionic can last for four days without the GPS and 10 hours with GPS. Comparing this to the Samsung and Apple smartwatches, the Ionics battery life is much better.


Fitbit Ionic GPS Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

  • The long battery life is one of the best.
  • The Ionic also provides a better and more accurate sleep analysis with insightful stats.
  • The device constantly keeps getting updated thereby keeps improving in features.
  • It also has a personalized fitness workout.
  • The Fitbit band connector allows you to change your bands easily and quickly.
  • Logs all activity and exercise in the Fitbit app on your smart phone.
  • The auto tracker may not be that accurate in tracking activities.
  • The aluminum frames supporting the bands are too large that it may affect how the watch sits on small wrists.
  • The app collection isn’t great, but there are plans by Fitbit to increase it.
  • Syncing music to this watch is not fun.

VivoActive 3 GPS Garmin Smartwatch Fitness Tracker 

Garmin Smartwatch



The Garmin VivoActive 3 is a fitness tracker with smartwatch functionality. If you’re into more than one sport, this watch is ideal as you can track your swims, runs, bike rides, and gym sessions among other packed features. It has a total of fifteen pre installed sports profile. The watch also features a contactless payment system called Garmin Pay to compete with Fitbit Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.


You can analyze metrics such as calorie counts, move alerts, sleep patterns with automatic detection of wake-up and sleep time, distance, number of active minutes per day, stress and many more.



With a combination of touch screen control and side button, this device is easy to use and user-friendly. You can also install new watch faces through the Garmin Connect app. The display will dim down to conserve battery when the device is inactive. On the exterior, the device looks more like an analog watch rather than a fitness tracker and is bulky.


The display is also big and can show almost the entire text when synced with the phone. However, it may take some time to get used to the different functionalities on the screen as the watch comes with multiple features. But that makes it a fun watch to use.



To get the smoothest performance, pairing the watch with Garmin Connect is the best option. You can also configure the wrist settings through the Garmin Connect if you want to use the watch on another wrist.



  • Screen: It has a Gorilla Glass 3 finishing which makes it resistant to scuffs and scratches. It has a 1.2 inch and 240 x 240 resolutions. For swipe motion, Garmin has introduced a ‘Side Swipe’ control on the left side of the watch with which you can swipe your finger to scroll up and down the menu. Apart from that, you can use the single button on the side of the watch for accessing the menu.
  • Notifications: Alerts regarding incoming calls, messages, and other notifications pop up on the screen. You can also control the music on your phone through the watch including volume control. With LiveTrack, you can let your family and friends track your progress as well.
  • Heart rate monitor: The monitor works well for training which is heart-rate based. You can also monitor the resting heart rate on an everyday basis. The variability in heart rate can also be detected so you can identify the changes in stress level.
  • Garmin Pay: With this feature, you can use your watch for making payments. For this, all you have to do is add your credit card details into the watch and tap to make payments. However, there is a limit to the number of credit card companies.
  • Sleep tracking: Sleep monitor may not always work correctly which is a bitter downside.
  • Battery: The device can last up to seven days in smartwatch mode and thirteen hours in GPS mode which is quite acceptable.


Garmin VivoActive 3 GPS Smartwatch

  • It is a highly versatile watch for those involved in more than one sporting activity, probably one of the best.
  • Except for the sleep monitor, its accuracy with other metrics is more than what you can get with any other fitness tracker.
  • The watch comes packed with features, unlike any other fitness tracker.
  • The feel of the watch is plasticky and light which may feel cheap.
  • The resolution and the color are not as good as one would hope for.
  • There is no onboard storage for music with the watch, which means if you want to listen to music, you’ll always have to take your phone.

Withings Steel HR Sport Tracker Nokia Smartwatch

Withings Smart Watch



For those who want fitness tracker features in a regular looking watch, the Steel HR is an ideal choice. This tracker can track steps, distance, heart rate, calories, swimming, biking, running, and a whole lot of other activities. This makes it a complete fitness tracker. The body of the watch is 40mm wide, 13mm thick, and weighs around 49 grams only.



To be honest, there’s not much to say about the design. It is simplistic with a traditional look of the analog watch face. The location of the sub dial is on the lower part of the screen, and the circular OLED is on the upper part which displays metrics like calls, notifications, heart rate, battery and a slew of other metrics.


There is a button on the right side of the watch to switch between screens. Made of stainless steel, the watch has also been built to withstand water up to a depth of 50 meters.


As far as the look is concerned, it leans toward sporty features with a sporty wristband. The band is comfortable and has perforations throughout the length to reduce moisture from sweat and increase breathability. The watch comes in two color – black and white, out of which black has a more serious, clean, and pricey look.



All you have to do is download the Health Mate app on your phone and connect it to the device. You can view all the metrics from the app on your phone.



  • Screen: Apart from the dial, the OLED display is a bit too small and leaves much to be wanted. The outer shell of the watch also shows glares under sunlight, and it becomes difficult to check the OLED screen.
  • Notification: You can control the notifications through the Health Mate app. But given the small size of the LCD, you’ll have to manage with texts and emails.
  • VO2 Max: This is a feature which estimates how much amount of oxygen you utilize during your workout. The estimation of this value is by combining your distance, heart rate, pace, and other metrics to gauge your fitness level. If the level is high, it means you are fit. So the higher the level, the better it is for you.
  • GPS: Thought the watch lacks GPS, you can use the GPS in your phone for tracking. This means the monitoring will depend on the network of your phone. You can use the GPS through the Health Mate app. Unless you’re in some lousy network area, the GPS tracking is more than what you can expect.
  • Sleep tracking: 
    Like most other fitness trackers, the device monitors your sleep and shows stats like deep sleep, light sleep, and resting heart rate.
    There is also a sleep score to indicate how you are doing with your sleep.
  • Battery: The device can give you a battery life that can last for a month.


Withings Steel HR Sport Smartwatch

  • If you’re looking for a hybrid watch and you can deal with their limitations, this watch is second to none.
  • The VO2 tracking is a nice feature added to this device.
  • Its superior battery life gives this watch a high note.
  • The Health Mate app is squeaky clean and extremely intuitive.
  • There are no advanced metrics like speed or cadence.
  • There is no comparison feature to show you if you are running or biking faster or slower.

 Best Fitness Tracker for Running 

Garmin VivoSmart HR Fitness Tracker 

Garmin Hr



This fitness tracker is one of its older models though it is still very much relevant for today. With a large and easy to read LCD display screen and a heart rate monitor, the Garmin VivoSmart HR tracker keeps a tab on distance, calories, weather, notifications, steps, floors climbed, and activity intensity.



The VivoSmart HR tracker has a relatively large LCD display with 1 x 0.42 inch, 160 x 68 pixel. So, it is a bulky tracker. It comes with a watch band clasp and close notches which allows the device to fit comfortably onto any sized wrists. But of course, Garmin offers the device with regular and extra-large sizes.


The VivoSmart has also been built to withstand water up to a depth of 165 feet or 50 meters, which means you don’t need to remove it while taking a shower or doing a routine swim exercise.


Garmin’s recommendation for the heart rate monitor to work correctly is to wear the tracker a bit tight. But this will not affect any blood flow in your wrist thereby allowing you to perform any sort of movement without any impediment.



Garmin Connect is available on Android and iOS phones. So, like other Garmin devices, the VivoSmart HR connects to Garmin Connect. You can also sync Garmin Connect with your social media accounts or your email.


With your physical details like weight, age, height, and other physical activities entered in your Garmin account, the VivoSmart HR will start tracking the data once it’s activated. You can link your Garmin account to MapMyFitness to compare calories burned with calories consumed.


The device also syncs with the phone’s Bluetooth. While connected to the phone the device gives access to the day’s summary, sleep, steps, weight, and intensity minutes.



  • Screen: There are ten different screens to view various data which you can access by swiping the screen from right to left. You can manage the order of stats as per one’s choice, and you can also deselect those stats which you don’t want to see. The touch screen can be a tad too sensitive sometimes, but this means it is also useful when wearing gloves.
  • Notifications: Three main types of notifications come with the device. First is the achievement notification, the second is the one which pops up to indicate inactivity, and the third one indicates messages received on the phone when synced.
  • Accuracy: For a non-GPS pedometer, the device is pretty accurate.
  • Heart rate monitor: The device actively keeps a tab on the heart throughout the entire day. It also displays the resting heart rate. The accuracy of the heart rate of Garmin devices is excellent.
  • Sleep monitor: The device automatically monitors sleeping behavior, be it light sleep or deep sleep or movement out of bed, so there is no need to activate or deactivate sleep mode. The cool part is that when you’re asleep, the inactivity notification or other phone notifications are automatically disabled.
  • Battery: The life of the battery may disappoint some. You may generally have to recharge it after two or three days, though full recharging takes less than half an hour.


Garmin VivoSmart HR Activity Tracker

  • The heart-rate monitor and step-tracker is accurate.
  • Large LCD screen
  • The waterproof feature of 50 meters depth is an excellent feature of this device.
  • You can calibrate your daily goals which is an added feature.
  • GPS-based fitness trackers have come down in price which makes this VivoSmart tracker a bit pricey as it does not have a GPS.
  • The sensitivity of the screen may be an irritant.
  • Battery life isn’t as long as claimed.
  • There is no built-in diet monitor.

Forerunner 35 GPS Garmins Best Fitness tracker Watch

Activity Tracker



Garmin’s Forerunner 35 is a part of their Forerunner edition which has six different watches. Forerunner 35 is the newest variant to the edition, and it is an attractive GPS running watch. The device also features a wrist-based heart rate monitor which uses Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate technology. With this device, you can track walking, cycling, outdoor and indoor running, and cardio exercises. It comes in one size which should fit any wrist.



The first impression on the design of this watch immediately reminds you of Apple’s watch. Most of Garmin’s Forerunner watches are circular, except for this one and the Forerunner 25.


The Forerunner 35 has a large LCD display with 0.93 inch and 128 x 128 pixels which makes it easy to read under any sort of lighting. The screen is not touch-enabled, so there are buttons on both sides of the watch for navigating through the different screens. This may be a bit cumbersome and time-consuming when you’re first starting to use.


Though the device does not track swimming, it has a water resistance of 5 ATM or 40 meters. So, you shouldn’t encounter any problem if you take a shower with it. It is obviously not meant for scuba diving or other forms of depth swimming.


The main screen of the watch will display the time, day, date, battery level, notification, and Bluetooth connection. The device is also extremely lightweight and comes in four colors – black, white, frost blue, and limelight.



You can get this watch running without connecting to a computer or a smartphone. Once you switch it on, you can directly enter personal information like weight, gender, age, height, and heart rate.


Like all Garmin devices, the watch can also be set up using the Garmin Connect app. If you’re new to this, all you need to do is download the free app on your phone and create an account. After this, click the ‘more’ button on your Forerunner device which will be at the bottom right of the screen. Then you need to scroll down and select ‘Garmin Devices’, after which you need to tap the blue bar where ‘Add Device’ is displayed. The next screen will show you a list of Garmin devices where you’ll have to select Forerunner 35 and follow the directions.



  • Screen: You can operate the screen by pressing the four different buttons on the sides of the watch. The top right button operates different modes of tracking for cycling, indoor and outdoor running, cardio, and walking. The button on the bottom right allows you to scroll through previous workout data, notifications, active minutes, resting heart rate, calories burned, step counts, and weather. The button on the top left operates the backlight, and the bottom left button is the back button.
  • Notification: Text and calls from your phone pop up on the watch. You can also reject the calls directly from your watch.
  • Heart rate monitor: The heart rate monitor lacks pinpoint accuracy and is a bit slow in reading the data.
  • Accuracy: The GPS is quite accurate though it tends to lag sometimes.
  • Battery: Powered by lithium-ion battery, the device can last for around nine days without using the GPS and 13 hours if the GPS is turned on.


Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS Running Watch

  • The device is quite affordable although you can find better GPS watches than this for a higher price. But it is priced appropriately for the amount of features offered.
  • The battery life is commendable.
  • Tracking of interval training is also an added bonus.
  • Its extreme lightweight makes it perfect for running as you won’t even feel like you’re wearing it.
  • • The device has only one scroll button which can become annoying.
  • • Heart rate monitor’s accuracy feels it can be better.

Garmin VivoSmart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker

Fitness Tracker



Sticking with substance over style, Garmin’s VivoSmart HR+ comes loaded with a GPS, heart-rate monitor, barometric altimeter for climbing stairs, accelerometer for step count and all other necessary sensors to define what a fitness tracker ought to be. With the built-in GPS as the new feature in this model, the device is an all-time favorite for runners. The device will also study your daily activities and automatically set daily goals, but you can manually override these goals.



The VivoSmart HR+ is a tad thicker than VivoSmart HR at 0.58 inches. Once you put it on and compare the two, you will notice the difference. But the VivoSmart HR+ is still a lightweight though its bulkiness may put off certain interested buyers who are picky.


The strap of the device is made of silicon and breathes well, so you need not worry about sweaty wrists. Some may, however, find the overall design of the device a bit dull. Nevertheless, this device is strictly fitness oriented with no flashy designs that could also work as a watch like many other fitness watches.


The VivoSmart HR+ is also waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters though it has no swim tracker, which may disappoint some.



Installation is straightforward. All you have to do is download the Garmin Connect to your smartphone and log in or sign up with Garmin account. After that, turn on the device’s Bluetooth and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to sync the device with your smartphone and Garmin account.



  • Screen: The display isn’t that impressive with a decent 160 x 68-pixel screen, but it stays on all the time. So you need not tap a screen or flick your wrist to see the data. Navigating through the various menus on the screen is also simple with easy to read display.
  • Notifications: Receive notifications regarding calls, texts, social media updates, achievements, and wake up calls when you’re becoming inactive.
  • Heart-rate monitor: The heart-rate tracker is adequate but may not be as accurate as the Garmin Forerunner 35. If your exercises do not involve intense sets of intervals, the device should be good enough. The heart-rate monitor also works twenty-four hours a day.
  • GPS: The addition of the GPS feature makes the device heavier. Though the tracking accuracy is second to none, it will take a minute to pick up a signal.
  • Battery: Garmin states the battery should last for five days without GPS and 8 hours with GPS. This makes the battery life relatively short with GPS. But it’s not like you need GPS all the time. However, if your exercises require you to use GPS for a longer duration, you may want to skip this device.
  • Accuracy: The general accuracy of this device may not be the best out there, but it will also not disappoint you either.


Garmin VivoSmart HR+ Regular Fit Activity Tracker

  • It has great accuracy with the GPS and heart-rate monitor.
  • If you’re looking specifically for a fitness tracker per se, this should be an ideal choice.
  • The device is lightweight and comfortable making it a perfect health tracker.
  • • The built and design of this device may not appeal to those who are looking for a fitness tracker with smartwatch functionality.
  • • The accuracy will deviate on certain locations like elevators.


VivoFit 4 Garmin Sport Tracker

Vivo Fit Garmin 4



VivoFit 4 is Garmin’s fourth edition of the most basic fitness tracker. It is suitable for those who just need a simple fitness band on their wrist to check minimal stats without too much techno kinds of stuff going on. After all, not everyone is interested in a feature-packed fitness tracker.


Small yet practical, the vivoFit 4 has all the essential trackers to keep you active. With an always-on customizable color display, the vivoFit 4 can track distance, steps, calories, and sleep. It can also set personalized daily goals to push you to achieve that level of activeness you always desired.



With a comfortable band to wear, the device comes in three colors – black, white, and black speckle. It has a single button for navigating through the menu with no touchscreen features. Being small, it is incredibly lightweight, and you can go on for months without even bothering to remove it.


The device is a simple band for those who aren’t too bothered with the heart-rate monitor or GPS tracking or other smartphone-enabled features. The band comes in two sizes made of silicon and TPU strap for comfort and durability. You will not experience any irritation with the band.


The exterior design is minimalist in nature. The face of the watch is always on with bright display and is visible under any condition. The device has waterproof features up to a depth of 50 meters so taking a shower in it or going for a regular swim shouldn’t be a problem.



For installation, it is similar with all other Garmin watches. You need to connect the watch with Garmin Connect on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Syncing to the Garmin Connect app will require you to press on the VivoFit button for some time.



  • Screen: The screen comes with a small 8-color MIP screen and 88 x 88-pixel resolution. It is intended to be small and works fine for looking at the stats. You can also customize the screen with different colors.
  • Notification: It does not feature notifications from your smartphone. But there’s the Garmin Move IQ to push you to move when you become inactive. It also has a weather forecast app when paired with the phone and an app to find your phone.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy may not be like the other high-end fitness trackers, but it is sufficient for casual exercises. But since the device lack GPS, the distance accuracy may not be reliable.
  • Toe-to-Toe: This feature allows you to compete with your children in taking the maximum number of steps. To do this, you can connect the device with another device like VivoFit Jr 2 or another VivoFit 4.
  • Battery: This device runs on batteries similar to regular watches, so you’ll have to change the battery when it stops working. Garmin guarantees the battery will last for more than a year which is impressive, given the features that the device is supporting.


Garmin VivoFit 4 Activity Tracker

  • The battery life of this device is one of the best features for an entry-level fitness tracker.
  • The waterproof feature is also a high note with the device.
  • The price may be on the higher side for an entry-level fitness tracker. You can get other cheaper and better models. Only because a well-renowned brand manufactures the device, the price is high.


Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 3



Does the Fitbit Charge 3 really live up to the hype and expectation? Well, the answer may not be definitive. Clearly, the Charge 3 is an improved version of the preceding Charge 2 with a bigger display, great responsive touchscreen features, and a new swimming exercise tracker. But, as is the usual case with any fitness tracker, no tracker fits all the criteria and no tracker delivers everything. Nevertheless, the Charge 3 is indeed an excellent fitness tracker that comes with reasonable pricing.



The Charge 3 features an OLED touchscreen with grayscale colors. The exterior outlook with an aluminum case is super sleek and attractive. The display auto-adjusts when exposed to any lighting conditions. With a larger display, it is now easier to read notifications and messages. The touchscreen feature also makes it simple to swipe through to view various metrics.


Along with the touchscreen, there is also an inductive button to get back to home screen. Swiping up and down will give access to various metrics and notifications. There are also two options on one screen which means you need to swipe less to view the parameters.


The Charge 3 also features a more curvy design and is lighter than the Charge 2. This makes it grip the wrist better to improve the heart-rate sensor.


The new swim proof design makes it durable and waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters. Now, swimmers can track the laps by activating the swim workout. This feature is quite an achievement for the Charge 3.



You’ll have to download Fitbit app from the store using your Android or Apple phone. After that, you’ll have to register yourself with the app by entering your email and password.



  • Screen: The screen size is around 30% larger than the Charge 2 and comes in 16 greyscale modes. The brightness struggles a bit under direct sunlight so you will want to have maximum brightness when you’re outside.
  • Notifications: You can receive texts, calls, and other app alerts. With Android phones, you can also reply to text messages.
  • Sleep monitor: With Fitbit’s SpO2 sensor, the technology in analyzing the sleeping pattern and sleep quality is one of the most advanced.
  • Battery: Fitbit’s devices always perform when it comes to battery life. The Charge 3 is no different. It will easily last you a full week even if you continuously keep other programs active. This makes the Charge 3 an impressive purchase when it comes to battery life.


Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

  • The bigger display makes it easy to view metrics.
  • The battery life of the Charge 3 is excellent.
  • Swim workout feature is also a plus point for this device.
  • New sensor for sleep monitoring is a great way to monitor your sleeping pattern.
  • The device doesn’t feature a full-color display.
  • The limited watch faces and apps may not be pleasing to some users.
  • There is no built-in music storage nor can you control any music with the device.
  • Reply to messages possible only with Android phones.


Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Tracking Watch

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro



The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is the upgraded version of Gear Fit2. It is now more fitness oriented with waterproofing up to a depth of 50 meters making it safe for shower and routine swim exercise. The device also features a constant heart-rate monitor.


The device can track various activities such as squats, yoga, walking, cycling, bike rides, rowing machines, and swimming. These activities will be monitored automatically, though for GPS tracking you’ll need to operate the GPS manually.



The design of the device is mostly unchanged as compared to the Gear Fit2 with a durable plastic body resistant to scratches. The band is also comfortable and does not cause any irritation due to prolonged use.


The curved structure fits the wrist very well making you forget that you’re wearing one. Unlike other fitness trackers which require you to tighten up the band for heart-rate monitoring, the Gear Fit2 Pro need not cling tightly onto the wrist for tracking heart-rate.


You will find two buttons located on the side of the watch which works as a ‘back’ and ‘home’ button. You can navigate through the various metrics by swiping the screen right or left.



For setting up the device, download Samsung’s Gear app from the play store (Android or Apple). After that, follow the instructions that pop up to connect the app with your device. You can pick which entertainment and fitness app you want to install on your device. Some of the options are Endomondo, UA Record, MapMyRun, MyFitness Pal, Samsung’s Health app, and others.



  • Screen: With a curved screen showing all colors, the screen size is 1.5 inches built with super AMOLED and a powerful resolution of 216 x 432 pixels. The touch sensor works very well even with a slight touch. The customization of the watch face has also improved with more color and font.
  • Notification: The support for notification is interestingly better than most Fitbit watches. Notifications are also more compatible with Android phones as you can disable which notifications you don’t want. But with iPhones, all notifications are received by default though you can block them after pop-up. With Samsung phones, you can also reply to text messages.
  • Accuracy: The device has excellent accuracy with GPS while running. But with cycling, it isn’t that accurate.
  • Sleep monitor: Samsung’s sleep tracking is still at a nascent stage. It can provide stats of deep and light sleep and the amount of rest you got.
  • Battery: The life of the battery isn’t that long. Without using GPS and wi-fi, it can last for three days which isn’t impressive at its price range.


Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band

  •  It has built-in music storage with around 2 GB of free space.
  •  The range of notification support is an excellent feature with the device.
  •  Super AMOLED screen with a full display of colors makes it very attractive.
  •  The device is suitable for those fitness enthusiasts.
  •  Compatibility with the iPhone isn’t that good. Everything seems to be slow while pairing the device with an iPhone.
  •  It is often inaccurate without using GPS.
  •  The battery can see some improvement.

Garmin VivoSport Smart Fitness Tracker

Garmin VivoSport



The Garmin VivoSport takes its predecessor VivoSmart HR+ to a whole new high. You can evidently find new features like stress testing, VO2 Max predictions, and color display. The VivoSport is perfect for those who want a daily monitor of their activities and at the same time track sporting exercises like hiking, running, and cycling.


With a built-in GPS, the Vivosport is a combination of everything that’s good from Garmin Vivosmart HR+ and Vivosmart 3 with a few added features. 

This makes the Garmin Vivosport an exciting entry into the world of the fitness tracker.
It can track almost anything that other Garmin trackers do except for swim tracking.



The Garmin VivoSport is extremely light weighing only 24-27 grams. The watch fits great on the wrist, and after a while, you forget you’re wearing a band. The VivoSport is the first fitness tracker from Garmin to feature a colored screen. This makes it super attractive and makes the watch face a fun feature to look at.


The device also features full touch screen functionality with no button on the sides. So, navigation is done merely by taping and swiping on the screen. There is only a vertical view. Without a button, it will take some time to get used to the screen options, but there’s nothing wrong to say about that.


The watch is made of fiber reinforced polymer and has a water resistance up to a depth of 50 meters. Unfortunately, you cannot change the silicon bands. But then, Garmin’s intent with VivoSport is on functionality rather than style. And with this watch, nothing beats its fitness-oriented functions.



The setup, like all other Garmin devices, requires the Garmin Connect app to be installed on your phone and pairing your device with it.



  • Screen: The screen features a chrome glass-coated display measuring 9.7mm x 19mm with a resolution of 72 x 144 pixels. Despite the excellent color orientation, there may, however, be some difficulty with the legibility due to the small size of the screen.
  • Notifications: Like other Garmin devices, all sorts of notifications gets displayed on the screen. You can ignore notifications with a swipe as well as control the music from the device. You can also disable any notification you don’t want to see.
  • Heart rate and stress monitor: The wrist-based heart rate sensor delivers detailed measurements of the heart rate including your resting heart rate. The stress monitor will analyze the different readings of your heart rate on a daily basis. You can observe this final data on the Garmin Connect app.
  • VO2 max and fitness age: These two new features allow users to understand the level of fitness that they have achieved or need to achieve.
  • Accuracy: Amongst all Gamin devices, the VivoSport’s accuracy with GPS and heart rate is the best.
  • Battery: You can go for a week with VivoSport without enabling the GPS. With a full-on GPS, Garmin guarantees 8 hours of battery life.


Garmin VivoSport Smart Activity Tracker


  • The built-in GPS makes it stand tall from other fitness trackers that have none.
  • The heart rate sensor sits flat on the back of the device and gives comfort to the wrist.
  • Two advanced features VO2 max and fitness age makes it slightly better than other Garmin devices.


  • The small sized screen may give some difficulty reading while running.

Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness TrackerFitbit Flex 2



The Flex 2 is specifically designed for and targeted to selected customers only. It doesn’t have a screen or a heart-rate monitor. Instead of a screen, it features an LED lighting system and vibration that lights up and buzzes to show notifications, achievements, and alerts you to move when you become inactive. This may not sound or look motivating for some.


The Flex 2 can track calories, distance, steps, swims, runs, bike rides, active minutes, sleep, and other sporting activities. You can monitor this data through the Fitbit app.


If you’re looking for a fitness tracker from a reputed brand that is simple, affordable, and you can make do without a screen, look no further than the Flex 2.



The device has an ultra-thin design with a removable tracker which can also be placed or hidden in accessories like pendants and bangles. This makes the Flex 2 a versatile fitness tracker in its limited sense. Nevertheless, these accessories find more appeal with the ladies.


The five LED lights have five different indications. So, it may not be easy to get used to the colors at the initial stage. You will also often forget which light indicates what sort of action, so be ready with the manual.


The band features a textured design and fits comfortably on the wrist. The band comes in four types of colors – black, lavender, magenta, and navy. The package also comes with both large and small sized band.



As usual, you can connect the device through the Fitbit app via Bluetooth. There’s also a limited option to disable specific notifications appearing on the device.



  • Notifications: Texts and calls will pop up through vibration and specific LED lights. You can customize the notifications, but the options are limited.
  • SmartTrack: This feature automatically detects activities like running, cycling, or swimming. However, if you wear the track around your neck, you will lose this function as well as the sleep tracker.
  • Sleep monitor: You can monitor the usual sleeping pattern like deep sleep, light sleep, and wake up alarm with the sleep tracker.
  • Battery: The Flex 2 provides a battery life of five days. Considering that it does not have a screen, heart rate monitor, and GPS, which are the primary source of power.


Fitbit Flex 2

  • The swim tracker and waterproof features are indeed an added bonus with the device.
  • The value is excellent for those who don’t want that many features.
  • The SmartTrack system is a thoughtful insertion into the device.
  • Some may find the button clasp for the band tricky to fit. You can choose a watch strap, but this means an extra cost.
  • You can’t connect GPS even with the phone.
  • The Fitbit app does not show the distance calculated with the Flex 2 accelerometer.
  • There’s no altimeter which means you can’t measure the number of floors climbed.


Fitbit Alta Smart Activity Tracker

Fitbit Alta



The Alta is another robust fitness tracker from Fitbit. Since no fitness tracker is perfect and customers’ choice also fluctuates, the Alta will also undoubtedly find appeal.


The device is an excellent looking tracker that can automatically track walking, cycling, running, hiking, and other activities but not swimming. It can also monitor sporting and aerobic activities which involve continuous movements like soccer, basketball, tennis, dancing, and kickboxing. However, it will take some time for the device to recognize these sporting and aerobic activities. The automatic detection of activities can also be turned off.


The Alta also tracks steps, distance, active minutes, stationary time, calories, and sleep. The Alta, however, does not have a heart rate monitor and a GPS.


The exterior design of the Alta is sleek and trim and can easily attract any interested buyer by its look. It is, however, not a waterproof watch so you’ll have to remember to take it off for a shower. The Alta comes in three sizes – small, large, and extra large.


The most exciting part of the Alta is the band. They are removable and have so many designs and material. You can use the rubbery material or leather or stainless steel or even a gold plated band. This makes Alta quite versatile when it comes to bands as other Fitbit devices don’t have this much range as Alta does. The bands are also comfortable and fit snugly onto the wrist.



Fitbit app is a must for installation of the device. Once you’ve created an account with the app, pair the device with your phone via Bluetooth whereafter they’ll automatically connect if within range. You can also connect your Alta to your phone or PC via the USB cable and monitor your stats.



  • Screen: The Alta has a screen which is 1.4 inch with 128 x 36 pixels. It has a Gorilla glass screen which increases resistance to scratches. There is no problem with reading the data and texts, which is a high point of the device. The display goes blank and needs a slight flick of the wrist to reappear.
  • Accuracy: There are some concerns with the steps and sleep tracking accuracy. However, overall the accuracy is relatively acceptable and is not shockingly disproportionate.
  • Battery: The battery life is nothing exceptional. It can last you for five days, but a full charge takes two-three hours which is a bit long.



Fitbit Alta Smart Fitness Activity Tracker

  • The device tracks your movement 24/7.
  • The SmartTrack feature is responsive and automatically tracks many of your activities.
  • The variety of interchangeable bands is an exciting feature, not to mention the comfort they offer.
  • The features offered in the Alta are certainly worth its value.
  • The screen tends to be too finicky and unresponsive.
  • Battery life isn’t that impressive.
  • The other sore point is that the device is not waterproof. One would have at least hoped for 10 or 20 meters.
  • If you’re a serious fitness enthusiast, you can skip the device.

Fitbit Surge Fitness Tracker SuperWatch

                                                                                                             Fitbit Surge  


With an interesting look, the Surge is another ultimate fitness tracker from Fitbit. It features built-in GPS for tracking your routes and distance. It also has a Multi-Sport feature which can monitor a number of sporting activities such as biking, running, hiking, spinning, yoga, weightlifting, kickboxing, pilates, martial arts, tennis, and more.


The Surge also automatically recognizes activities through its SmartTrack. It is a fitness tracker for those who want an extra bit of metrics.



The Surge is a durable fitness tracker built to last. It is considerably big and has its own unique design. It features a touchscreen with one button on the left side and two buttons on the right side.


The rigidity of the watch especially around the face makes the whole face area extend to 2.5 inches including the screen. Even though you can change the size of the band, this rigid length may not change making it hefty for people with small wrists. This can bring some discomfort to the users with a small wrist or make the sensors a bit inaccurate.



Like all other Fitbit watches, the Surge also requires you to download the Fitbit app to your phone and connect the app with the device. Setting up is simple, and all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions.



  • Screen: The Surge has a screen size of 0.82 x 0.96 inches with a touchscreen monochrome LCD. The touchscreen is sensitive and easy to use.
  • Heart rate monitor: The device uses Fitbit’s PurePulse technology for providing continuous heart rate data which is transported and tracked by the Fitbit app.
  • Sleep tracker: The Surge automatically tracks sleep and wake up data which is a nice feature to have. The tracker is also reasonably accurate and beats most other sleep trackers.
  • Accuracy: No fitness tracker provides perfect accuracy. There are some that give better accuracy than others. The Surge also gives good accuracy, but you can always expect some miscalculations here and there.
  • Battery: The battery life is fairly decent giving you almost a week’s use without the GPS. With continuous use of GPS, the battery life will come down to around 7 hours.


Fitbit Surge Fitness Tracking SuperWatch

  • The device provides a good reading of the heart rate and resting heart rate.
  • GPS connectivity is quick and accurate.
  • The software is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Battery life is good if you can use GPS sensibly.
  • The device is not waterproof.
  • The design of the watch face may not appeal to many customers for its chunkiness.


Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker Wristband

Fitbit Charge



Comparatively an older Fitbit model, the Charge replaces the Fitbit Force which was recalled by Fitbit. The Charge basically takes all the useful features from the Force and adds a caller ID feature. The band material has also improved by using what Fitbit calls an elastomer.


The Charge can track all the primary metrics like steps, floors climbed, calories, active minutes, stationary time, hourly activity and many more. The Charge is not waterproof but only water resistant. This means you’re not supposed to wear it while swimming or taking a shower though occasional splashes and rain exposure may be okay.



The Charge has a simplistic design with a small LCD display and a comfortable band which comes in three colors. The Charge also comes in three sizes – small, large, and extra large. The body of the Charge has a tapered design.


There is only one main button on the left side for navigating through various stats. The screen does not always stay on, and you have to press the button or tap on the display to view the screen. The band features the clasp system and not the regular watch strap. The clasp holds well though it requires some strength to insert.


Overall, the device is sturdy and durable. It is also lightweight and fits snugly onto the wrist.



Fitbit app is needed to activate the Charge. Simply download the app in your phone, register yourself, and follow the on-screen instructions. Pair the device via Bluetooth.



  • Screen: The small OLED screen features bright white texts, and the display is easily legible under any lighting condition. There is a limited tap gesture too.
  • Notification: The notification is limited only to calls which operate through the caller ID. If the contact is not in your phone, the device shows the number.
  • Sleep tracker: The Charge automatically tracks your sleep and wake up time which is a convenient feature as one usually tend to forget to activate sleep tracking. The vibrating alarm wakes you up in the morning.
  • Battery: The battery type in the Charge is Lithium polymer which can last for seven to ten days after a full charge.


Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracking Wristband

  • The automatic sleep monitor is the feature that stands out in Charge.
  • The Charge is ideal for starters who want a simple fitness tracker.
  • The display is bright and easy to view.
  • There is no alert to notify inactivity.
  • The battery life could have been more given the fact that watch has limited features.


Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

Fitbit one



The Fitbit One is not a band but more like a hook or clip fitness tracker. 

You can clip it to your belt, pockets, or bra and it will track select activities and your sleep.
There is no GPS and a heart rate sensor.


The One tracks your distance, floors climbed, running, jogging, gym workouts, steps, active minutes, and calories on an all-day basis. If you prefer a fitness tracker that is not a band, this device could be your ideal choice provided you can afford it.



The One features a shiny and sleek design that is almost 2 inches long with a button for navigating through various metrics. The clip is very secure, and there are no chances of it getting loose while clipping. It comes in two colors – black and burgundy.


Third parties also sell accessories such as a bracelet or necklace to go along with the device. Though the clip grips tightly, if you don’t use it with care it may break. In the case of breakage, you can replace it buying through third parties. The device is not waterproof though it can resist water to a certain extent.


The device comes with a sleep wristband (more like a soft cloth) which is comfortable and pretty much unnoticeable while wearing it for sleep.



You can easily pair the device to your phone or tablet through Bluetooth. Of course, you will need to download the Fitbit app for analyzing your data. You can also use the Fitbit app to set daily goals and motivate yourself to achieve them.



  • Screen: The One has a small OLED display. Each screen will show a different metric, and you can navigate by pressing the button. It is easy to read as the letters are relatively large and minimal.
  • Accuracy: The overall accuracy is acceptable and reliable. The accuracy may, however, get affected by high temperature or elevation.
  • Sleep tracker: The device has a simple sleep monitor that allows you to observe how long you slept and whether there was any interruption. It can also wake you up with a silent alarm.
  • Battery: The device has a battery life of almost two weeks which is more than what you need.


Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep and Fitness Tracker

  • The display is good under any lighting conditions.
  • The clip secures to your clothes firmly, and there is no fear of losing it.
  • Perfect for those you don’t want to use a wristband for tracking their fitness.
  • You may get tired looking at the screen if you clip the device in some awkward spots.
  • The durability of the clip is a sore point.

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Final Verdict

There is no perfect fitness tracker. While the trend is moving a bit towards fitness tracker smartwatch, the essential features of the fitness tracker remain the same. The accuracy in all fitness trackers vary from one device to another and depends on the algorithm set up by the developers.


It all boils down to one’s needs. If you want a fancy tracker that can also be your regular watch, you can go for any of the sleek smartwatches reviewed above depending on your budget. If you want a simple tracker, Fitbit’s

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