Adjustable dumbbells vs standard dumbbells

Best Dumbbell Sets 2021

If you are like many people around the world, then you are most likely unable to hit the gym due to coronavirus regulations. While it may be tempting to take a load off and order a pizza, there are still plenty of options for getting your workout in. Let us show you a wide range of Best Dumbbell Sets according to your fitness level.

Even if you don’t have much space in your abode, there are tons of adjustable dumbell sets that provide a satisfying gym experience. These sets can easily be tucked away when not in use to avoid cluttering up the place.

The best part about adjustable weights is that they can be used by both beginners and athletes alike. Here are the six best adjustable dumbbells from least to most weight capacity.

This starter set is perfect for anyone who is new to weightlifting. Each bar is five pounds by itself and each plate adds another 2.5 pounds. You can stack four plates on each side for a maximum of 25 pounds per arm.

The solid steel construction resists rust and other decay ensuring that these bad boys will easily last until your muscles outgrow them. Plus, this set is so small that you can fit it just about anywhere.

This striking chrome set is sure to turn some heads. There are eight 2.5 pound plates and four 1.5 pound plates included in this bundle. This allows you to max out each dumbell at 33 pounds.

The convenient carrying case is excellent for storing both clips and plates. If you like to keep your house organized, then you will definitely appreciate the design of this set.

These octagonal dumbbells leverage their unique shape to avoid rolling around. This safety feature not only protects you, but makes changing plates a breeze. Which is good considering how it can stack up to 44 pounds on each dumbbell.

The included connection rod also allows you to use this set as a barbell. This increases the amount of exercises you can do dramatically. 

Bowflex has been a staple in the home gym space for many years. This adjustable dumbbell set exudes the usual quality we expect from their equipment. Each plate is easy to adjust and maxes out at 52.5 pounds per arm.

There are 15 unique combinations of weights so you can confidently build strength over time. You also get a two year warranty should anything occur during shipping. If you want to go with a trusted brand, you will love this set.

This highly-customizable set allows you to choose a 33, 44, or 66 lb bundle. Each set offers the same durable construction that is sure to last for years to come. Plus, the connector rod gives you access to dozens of barbell exercises.

There is even a carrying case that allows you to travel or organize without any headaches. No matter which bundle you select, Liadon goes above and beyond to deliver as much value as possible.

NJ508 provides up to 88 pounds of plates for each of your arms. The Polyethylene exterior is an eco-friendly material that still provides impressive durability throughout hundreds of workouts. 

The sweatproof connecting rod is easy to adjust and provides excellent grip during barbell lifts. This makes it the best set by far if you are an athlete who wants to take your regimen to the next level.

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