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Best Baby Jogger | Stroller for Running 2021

When it comes to baby products, there are often so many different items flooding the market it’s hard to figure out which ones to choose from. This is especially true with best baby joggers; with so many brands and models, families can find it increasingly difficult to make the decision. But luckily, there is help. With so many people connected online, reviews and suggestions on baby stroller products can be found almost everywhere and can help you make the right decision for your child and your lifestyle. Below is a list of the 8 best jogging strollers (Best Baby Jogger) this year to help you decide the best option for you and your child.


The BOB Revolution Flex is a great all-around baby jogger stroller for any type of running, whether it be in urban areas or on rough trails and dirt or gravel roads. This is helped by an impeccable suspension system and tires that are more like a bicycle’s. With a handlebar that has 9 different positions for different individuals, it’s also great for families where both parents or multiple people will use the stroller frequently, being easily adjustable for the different heights of users. It also has an extra-large storage pocket at the bottom as well as many other convenient storage pockets for all your gear, including a storage pocket for your cell phone.

One of the downsides to this stroller is its weight, being slightly heftier than some of our other picks, due to its sturdy design features. It also tends to be a bit larger than some other models, making it a bit more cumbersome on smaller trails or in cramped spaces.

All-in-all, the Revolution Flex is a great jogger for anyone who must switch between urban and trail terrain, as well as families where many different people will be using the stroller. Its incredible storage systems, as well as rugged design, make it a great baby jogging stroller.

The Urban Glide 2 by Thule is one of the best jogging strollers on the market, not only for its lightweight design compared to most other joggers, but also because of its many versatile features, such as a handlebar break, and adjustable tracking to help fix alignment issues with the stroller after long periods of time. This is a rare feature on many strollers and can come in handy for avid runners. The Urban Glide 2 is also rated as one of the most comfortable strollers on the market, with more cushion than most of its competitors.

One thing that is a negative on this stroller, however, is that since this is a lighter stroller than most of our other picks, it is best on paved roads. It also has less sun coverage than many other strollers, which can pose a problem to sensitive children.

Overall, The Urban Glide 2 is a high-quality jogging stroller, especially for people in more urban areas, or those who run in more shaded places. Its lightweight frame also makes it a great choice for smaller individuals.

This rugged, versatile stroller is made for serious runners who plan on taking their child on long runs, or who are professionally preparing for competitions. The Alterrain Pro Jogger is made with a zip-top cargo basket to prevent things from falling out, as well as SmoothShox Suspension to create a comfortable and easy ride. It also has an all-weather waterproof canopy that provides ample coverage for longer jogs, so your little one will always feel comfortable. You can look here for more photos and information, and to purchase.

One downside to the jogger is its cost: with an almost $600 price tag, the Alterrain can be an expensive purchase. However, it drastically delivers its value, and is a must-have for professional runners. 

The BOB Alterrain is a great jogger for anyone who is serious about running, or professionally training. It is also a perfect option for those who plan to be jogging more on trails and unpaved areas.

The Joovy Zoom 360 is a great option for those looking for a jogger that is durable, yet still lightweight and quick and easy to fold down. Weighing in at just 25.7lbs, this stroller is made for ultimate portability. It also has extra-large wheels as well as an off-road suspension system to maneuver better on various types of ground.

The lightweight features of this stroller may make it less durable than those listed above; however, it is a great stroller for the price tag and for those looking to get the most value out of their dollar. The Joovy Zoom’s carrying pocket underneath is also not as well designed as some of the other options on this list, leaving room for things to potentially fall out.

The Joovy Zoom 360 Stroller is a great option for those looking for a reliable, lightweight jogging stroller that they can take off-road and that will last. It offers great features that usually come with pricier strollers, creating ultimate value for its price tag.

The Chariot Cross by Thule is a truly state-of-the-art jogger that has some incredible features. With a 5-point safety harness, as well as both a screen and plastic shield to create an enclosed environment, the Chariot Cross creates a warm, safe, and comfortable space for your child. The perfect all-terrain and all-weather jogger, the Chariot Cross can also be converted into a bike trailer as well as a cross-country ski stroller, creating room for your child in all of your sports activities, and reducing your amount of overall purchases. The Chariot Cross also comes in a 2-child model for larger families, for a relatively small difference in price compared to the overall cost.

The main negative on the Chariot Cross is, of course, the price. This jogger does not come cheap; however, that’s because it is one of the best and sturdiest joggers on the market and can be used for many more activities. Another negative is also its size: it is made to be large and durable, so folding it down for a small vehicle can be a challenge.

The Thule Chariot Cross is an incredible, albeit expensive, child carrier, and is one of the best baby jogger strollers on the market, with its convertibility to a bike trailer, rugged reliability, and enclosed space for your child and belongings.

Weighing in a 28.4lbs, and with 16-inch rear wheels, as well as a strong handbrake, the Summit X3 is a masterful, sturdy baby jogging stroller and is one of the best baby jogger strollers on the market today. It has supreme maneuverability and stability, as well as great design features like an extra-large sun canopy and an easily folding frame.

Being made for ruggedness, this stroller can be slightly heavier than some, and when it is folded out can be rather large. This especially can come into play on smaller trails and pathways and can make it a pain to maneuver in these areas.

The Summit X3 baby stroller by Baby Jogger is a reliable, sturdy, and easily portable stroller that is made for all types of terrain. It has great features for the child as well as the user, a well-designed braking and suspension system, and makes using a jogging stroller an easy task. 

If you are constantly on the go, or are a family needing to get the most out of your dollar, the FastAction Jogger by Graco is a perfect jogging stroller for you. It normally comes as a package deal with a quick connecting baby car seat, helping you to save a great deal of money. Its rugged design is great for all road types, and it quickly folds down into a small space, creating supreme portability.

Although great value for its price, the Jogger LX may not be as durable or long-lasting as some of the other strollers on this list; however it has incredible features for its price tag, and can be transported easily compared to many other jogging strollers.

The Graco FastAction Jogger LX is a great stroller for your value, usually coming as a pair with a quick connecting baby car seat, and is a rugged and comfortable stroller for all families, especially those needing to be on the go, or those families watching their budget.

Like the Jogger LX, the BOB Rambler can also come as a complete travel system for $649.99 or can be purchased as an individual jogging stroller for any occasion. Made to be completely versatile, the Rambler is a lightweight jogging stroller that can also take on tough elements, coming in at a very manageable 25.2lbs. With a reclining seat, air-filled tires and a cushy suspension system, this jogging stroller is made for comfort for both you and your child. It has an amazing, protective sun canopy and can carry children up to 75lbs.

The main downside to this stroller would be, at times, the weight; it does not feel as rugged or reliable as some other, heavier strollers. However, it is built to last. Because of the lightweight frame, it also may handle very differently than other baby jogging strollers. However, this does not reflect reliability.

The BOB Rambler is a great jogging stroller setup, either by itself or purchased as a complete travel system. Its lightweight design makes it extremely portable and easy to push, and it also has great emphasis on comfort for both you and your child.

Although it did not make it to the top 8 list, the Modes Jogger SE Stroller by Graco is an efficient, reliable, and comfortable stroller for an extremely good price. It comes with 7 different riding positions, which makes it more exciting for your child, and is easy to fold down and transport.

It’s not as sturdy as many of the others on this list; but for its price, it’s a great stroller that is portable and extremely adjustable for your child.

The Modes Jogger SE Stroller by Graco can be an efficient, valuable alternative to some of the other, higher-priced items on this list.

There are many different types of baby strollers available on the market and it can be a frustrating experience to find the best baby jogger for your family; however, this list will hopefully help you save time and money when choosing a stroller that’s right for you and your child. There is an incredible array of different options available, and it is important to choose the kind that will suit your family’s specific wants and needs. We included some of the best performing strollers, the best valued ones, as well as the most rugged or comfortable strollers available, depending on what you are looking for. When picking a baby jogging stroller for your child and your family, it’s important to go with the highest quality and value around; above are some of the best-reviewed and highest-rated baby joggers available today, to make childcare and exercise an easy, simple combination.

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