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Aerial Yoga and the Benefits of a Yoga Trapeze in 2023

Aerial Yoga and the Benefits of a Yoga Trapeze


Whether you have never set foot in a yoga studio or you go to weekly sessions, you have probably heard of aerial or anti-gravity yoga (Yoga Swing). Yes, that’s the yoga where you hang from the ceiling while doing your poses. This yoga/pilates/dance hybrid is quickly gaining popularity since its inception circa 2014.

In this article, we are going to cover all the essentials of aerial yoga and the benefits of owning your own yoga trapeze, also known as a yoga swing, yoga hammock, or yoga sling. Whether you’re taking your first or hundredth yoga class and you’re ready to take it to the next level or simply want to try something new, this type of aerial or anti-gravity yoga is for you.


What is a Yoga Trapeze?


This piece of equipment is the center of anti-gravity yoga. It is basically a large piece of material often made of nylon taffeta shaped like a hammock that can be manipulated for different, hanging yoga poses. It is suspended from the ceiling and is made up of a swing seat and usually comes with padded, adjustable foam handles.

A yoga swing can often accommodate up to 450 pounds, so they are truly an ideal piece of workout equipment for nearly anyone who wants to experience the benefits of yoga. A special bonus is that you can even use it later as a traditional hammock if you wish.

Purchasing a yoga swing for your home gives you the freedom to practice yoga whenever you have the time and a quiet moment. It is likely that you will end up practicing yoga more often and this will increase all the benefits you’re already experiencing.

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