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8 Tips For Choosing The Correct Jogging Stroller in 2023

8 Tips For Choosing The Correct Jogging Stroller


Jogging strollers are ideal for parents who want to tag along with their babies while jogging. They help you regain your fitness and still look after your child. So, what should you look for when buying a baby jogger stroller?

Features of Jogging Stroller


Safety Strap

Most jogging strollers have a safety strap on the handlebar for added safety measures. On one end, the strap connects to the stroller, and the other goes around your wrist. 

Adjustable Handle

Some strollers have an adjustable handlebar to account for height and height differences between parents. Jogging with a stroller that has a handlebar at the wrong height can affect your running form. 

Reclining Seat – Jogging Stroller

Most strollers have a reclining seat for the child. 


They help to keep your child safe with a five-point harness. It uses five straps, including two for the shoulder, two for the hips, and one between the legs. 

Canopy – Jogging Stroller

The stroller’s canopy can have multiple positions. Some have an opening window where you can check on your child while you jog. 

Jogging Accessories – Jogging Stroller


Strollers also have some add-ons that make your run with your child more comfortable. These accessories may come with the strollers or be purchased separately.

Wheel Reflectors

Most strollers have built-in reflectors that help you to be visible in low-light situations. You can add them up in case your stroller does not have them.

Cup Holder

You can attach your favorite beverage or running water to a cup holder on the stroller’s handle. This enhances your convenience while running, and also, the beverage or drink can act as an energy boost.

Snack Tray

It enables you to bring snacks and drinks for your baby. It offers a practical platform for the baby to eat or drink their snacks. 

Mesh Cover

The shield helps to protect your child from strong winds, the hot sun, or even insects. 

8 Things to Consider When Shopping for Jogging Stroller


Determine Where it will be Used

You will need to ask yourself how you intend to use the baby jogging stroller, whether you will push it as you jog or attach it to your bicycle or even take it cross-country skiing with you. These questions will help you determine the function of the stroller.

The Type of Wheels

There are two types of front wheels, namely the fixed wheel and the swivel wheel. The type of wheel the stroller has should be among your top concerns when shopping for a stroller. As a general rule, you should never run with a stroller that does not have a fixed wheel. 

The best stroller has a fixed wheel or a locking mechanism where the wheel can be locked into a position. Strollers with a swivel pose a significant risk to your child, especially at fast speeds. They are also not ideal for running and should only be used for strolling and walking. 

How Often do You Plan on using it

The frequency of usage of the stroller will determine the quality that you should purchase. You should look at the different models available in the market and choose the one that best fits your needs. Pay close attention to the stroller design and its functions before purchasing it. 

Size and Storage

The stroller’s size determines how you will transport it if you need to and where you will keep it in your home. A stroller that folds down is ideal for traveling and for parents who do not have much room in their homes and cars. You will need more storage room in your home or have a spacious SUV for strollers that do not fold.

You may need to carry a bunch of stuff like diapers or baby wipes when you leave the house with the baby. A storage compartment in your stroller will make it easier for you to carry everything you need while running. Most strollers usually have a storage basket under the seat that has a high mesh to prevent any belongings from spilling out. 

Handlebar Height

It is important to consider your height as well as that of your partner. An adjustable handlebar enhances flexibility and allows both parents to switch places easily. 

Child Positioning

Your child’s comfort should always come when you are running with a stroller. It would be best if you went for a stroller that provides a wide range of positions that does not make your child feel tired. A good stroller should also allow you to clip your child into place to protect them from falling.

Brake vs No Brake

There are two types of brakes for baby jogger strollers where one will keep your stroller from rolling away while the other will help to slow down. Foot brakes are convenient since they prevent you from having to bend over to unlock the wheels. A handbrake is usually attached to the handlebar, and you only need to squeeze it to slow the stroller down. 


There is a coiled spring behind each wheel of a jogging stroller that is a shock absorber as part of the suspension system. They allow the stroller to bounce up and down without the baby and the rest of the stroller bouncing in the same motion. Some strollers have adjustable shocks that will enable you to adjust the bounciness level that is most comfortable for your baby.

Parking brakes are a must-have feature on a jogging stroller and are only available for strollers with fixed wheels. 


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