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12 Best At Home Workouts

Best At Home Workouts


Gyms are closed, so what now? Most people don’t own home workout equipment, leaving them at a significant disadvantage in terms of fitness. What if I told you that you don’t require any equipment to exercise at home? And that all you need is your body weight? Don’t believe me? Read on as I tell you all about 12 Best At Home Workouts.

Home workouts (12 best at home workouts) are one of the most underrated forms of exercise out there. Most people believe that they need an entire rack of workout equipment to exercise. Having this belief can cause you to dismiss the possibility of getting any exercise without going to the gym.

Well, I’m here to change that. Did you know that at home, you can exercise every major muscle in your body? From your chest, biceps, butt, legs, and even your core, bodyweight exercises will do the trick whatever your goals are.

Laying around in the house all day can lead to adverse consequences, some of which materialize later on as you age. And, since this pandemic doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, you need to take care of your body, so that you don’t end up coming out of this looking like an inflated Michelin man.

Lucky for you, the list of bodyweight home workouts you can do is pretty long, meaning you have A LOT of choices. I’ve picked 12 best at home workouts to help you exercise almost every part of your body. By the end of this article, you’ll be so well versed in at-home exercises that you might decide to quit the gym altogether!

A Lower Body Workout with Cardio Burnout

The best thing about lower body workouts is that they are effortless to do at home. They don’t require any equipment, and are among the most functional and effective lower body strength workouts.

The main muscles involved in a lower body workout include:

  • Quads
  • Calves
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes

Some of the best and most effective lower body workouts you could incorporate into your routine are:

  • Box jumps
  • Hip lifts
  • Air squats
  • Jumping squats
  • High knees

These workouts test your endurance and give you a pretty impressive cardio burnout. To get the most out of lower body workouts, it is advisable that you pick a definite rest interval, then continually reduce your rest time as you gain more endurance.

A 20-Minute HIIT Workout that’s Kinder on Your Joints.

High-Intensity Interval training is among the most intense at-home workouts. And the best part about it is that, although it takes less than half an hour, the results are incredible.

HIIT has been proven to improve athletic endurance, cut body fat, and strengthen the heart. It can even make you a happier person. Unfortunately, most HIIT workouts involve lots of jumping, which can be quite strenuous on joints.

Fortunately for us, that’s not always the case. Some low-impact HIIT exercise routines provide the same benefits as regular HIIT.

Some of the best low-impact HIIT exercises include: The slide crunch punch, reverse mountain climber, and the plyo plank shuffle.

A Full-Body Cardio Challenge – 12 Best at Home Workouts

If you want an at-home cardio workout that will work, not just your heart, but your entire body, then you’d better try out this routine.

The routine cycles through various moves that work everything from your legs, core, and shoulders. Some of the exercises involved in this routine include:

  • Squat pulse
  • Tuck-up
  • Frogger
  • Jump rope
  • Plie squat

After you’re done with the routine, you finish up with an AMRAP finisher.

A Plank-Based Workout to Light up Your Core

Nothing makes time go slower than holding a plank. But it’s all worth it. A plank-based workout utilizes your bodyweight to exercise your abdominals, arms, shoulders, back, legs, and even your glutes. Therefore, holding a plank is one of the most effective core-building home-based workouts.

This exercise is especially beneficial to anyone involved in sports. The core is a crucial part of the body utilized in any sport. The added stability and endurance that comes with it is a big plus. Fitness experts worldwide attest to the fact that planks beat sit-ups in terms of protecting the lower back. This is because planks don’t exert pressure on the lower back.

There Are No Burpees or Mountain Climbers in This Routine

It’s no secret that burpees and mountain climbers don’t appeal to most people. In fact, some people loathe them. If you are one of them, no need to worry, I know just the thing for you.

Since burpees are an intensive full-body cardio workout, we’ll replace them with a workout that will give you the same benefits (more or less). Some of the workouts that are equally beneficial (but easier) than burpees and mountain climber are:

  • Jump squats
  • Plank knee to chest
  • Squat thrust
  • Negative push-up
  • Ball slam

These exercises work out all the major muscle groups, and the best part about this routine is that you can start each at a comfortable pace, then work your way up as you intensify your HIIT.

A 4-Move 30-Minute Cardio Workout – 12 Best at Home Workouts

This full-body workout doubles as a cardio workout, so if you’re looking to get sweaty, you should give it a try. It involves moving through three moves: a three-point toe touch, bird-dog crutches, and froggers.

When doing this routine, you can take short rests in between exercises based on your fitness level, making it suitable for beginners.

An Abs Workout That’s Done in 8 Minutes

Abs workouts are super hard. That is why some beginners find it quite hard to go through the entire routine. But, what if you could do it in just eight minutes?  

In this exercise, you’ll go through three different exercises, spending about thirty seconds each. The exercises include:

  • Forearm plank rock
  • Dead bug
  • Plank up-down

Unlike other exercises on this list, you won’t rest in-between the moves until you complete the circuit. After three rounds, your abs will be burning, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and added strength.

A 5-Minute Plank Workout That Challenges More Than your Core

If you want to work your abs, then planks are the way to go. Unfortunately, if you don’t do it right, you might end up doing more harm than good. But, if you engage them perfectly, you’ll challenge your legs, butt, and shoulders.

This workout utilizes two variations of the plank:

  • Plank up-downs (they light up your triceps and shoulders)
  • Plank jacks (they give a cardio element)

To make the planks more effective, you should:

  1. Master the dead bug and the pallof press moves before you begin
  2. Practice breathing exercises to ensure you are engaging your core
  3. Ensure that you’re feeling the tension throughout your body

The 4-Move Bodyweight Workout That’ll Seriously Work Your Butt.

Most people believe that they need gym equipment to work their butts properly, but that’s not the case. With the right exercise routine, you can work your butt with just your bodyweight.

The most effective moves that work your butt are frog bridges and the straight-leg fire hydrant.

You could also try:

  • Jump squats
  • Single-leg deadlift
  • Curtsy lunges
  • Jump lunges
  • Side lunges

A 3-Move Cardio Workout for Beginners

If you’re just getting started, this three-move cardio workout created by Eisinger can help you ease into at-home workouts.

This exercise involves pretty simple moves that anyone can master. They include the three-point toe touch, the flutter kick, and the skater.

If you’re making these moves for the first time, you should do each exercise for about 30 seconds, with another 30 seconds of rest in-between moves. As your endurance rises, you can increase your exercise time and reduce your rest time.

A Core Workout That’s great for Your Arms.

If you are looking for a workout that will work both your core and arms, this workout created by Betina Gozo, CPT, might be what you need. This fifteen-minute workout challenges both your core muscles and upper body in a quick and efficient routine.

This routine involves the shoulder tap, leg drop, side plank, and the eccentric bent-over row.


A 10-Minute Pilates Workout for Your Butt and Core

If you want to work on specific muscles, the best exercises involve small, controlled movements in the routine. And what better exercise to go with than a pilate-based workout?

Pilate-based workout routines that help raise your butt and strengthen your core include:

  • The shoulder bridge
  • Single leg Shoulder Bridge
  • Bridge kicks
  • Pulses
  • Clams
  • Sidekick
  • Leg circles
  • Glute stretch

Factors to Consider when Choosing an At-home Workout Routine

  1. What you enjoy

I’ve put this first because it’s probably the most critical factor you need to consider before dialing down on a particular routine. It would help if you didn’t take working out as an obligation. And it definitely shouldn’t be something that you dread to do. Instead, a workout routine should be something that is both enjoyable and energizing.

You are more likely to stick to something that you enjoy doing. So, before you settle on an at-home workout routine, you should look at your options, then settle on the one that appeals to you. Lucky for you, there are numerous at-home workout routines to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about running out of options.

  1. Convenience

How convenient is the workout you’ve chosen? Does it require any equipment, and if it does, do you have the equipment at home?

Choosing a convenient workout routine ensures that you don’t have to go out of your way whenever you want to exercise. And the best thing about at-home workouts is that most of them don’t require any equipment, so you’ll be training for free.

  1. Your goals

What do you want to achieve with your workout? It might be losing weight, gaining muscles, or even improving your overall health. Setting specific goals for your workout helps you narrow down on the most beneficial routines.

  1. Your fitness level

When selecting a workout routine, it is best to go for one that challenges you, but not to the point where you get discouraged or even injured.

When choosing a workout routine, first access what you’re good at and how much of it you can handle. If, for example, you want to do 100 press-ups a day, but you haven’t done a press-up in years, it is best to start small, then gradually increase the number as your level of fitness increases.

  1. Your workout history – 12 Best at Home Workouts

Have you ever tried that particular at-home workout routine? How did it go? If you’ve tried it before and it didn’t work out, then maybe it’s not your thing. It’s easy to presume that the problem lies within you, and that is why you gave up on that particular routine, but that’s not always the case. It could be that the routine you tried just wasn’t right for you.

It is advisable that you begin by figuring out the kind of routines that worked for you in the past. You can also try out new stuff and see which one works best for you.

  1. Flexibility

What works for you today might not work for you tomorrow. Just because you enjoy doing planks does not mean that you should stick to doing planks for the rest of your life. You have the freedom to choose a different routine whenever you feel like it.

Changing your routine does not mean that you’ve given up. On the contrary, it means that you pay attention to your body and its evolving needs and preferences.


Although it comes in handy, gym equipment is not mandatory when it comes to keeping fit! From this article, it is clear that all you need to keep healthy is your body and a bit of space.

I have taken you through 12 best at-home workouts that don’t require any equipment. The best thing about at-home routines is that they take a concise time, making them perfect for anyone with a tight schedule. Also, the fact that they don’t require any equipment means that you can do them anywhere, be it at home, your office, or at the park. Any place can do.

The best thing to do is try them all and see the one that suits you best. If you want to take a short-cut around it or don’t have the time, you can always refer to the factors discussed at the end of the article.

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